1.     Cuss/Swear words or deriviates thereof are NOT allowed on this site.  Vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene and Foul language/comments are NOT allowed on this site.

2.     Abusive Comments, Flaming, or derogatory insults or comments are strictly against the rules    If you disagree with another member’s point of view, do so in a mature and civil manner.

3.    Inappropriate Behavior No flaming, trolling, or encouraging another Member to participate in a flame war, troll, or flame another Member. Disruptive, offensive, or inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated

4.     You are only allowed to have 1 Username.

5.   Do Not use all CAPs or all Italics when posting comments.  Use capital letters where needed e.g. start of sentences, names, etc. as if you do not, it is too difficult to read and will not be allowed on the site. We want to be repsectful to others. Do not just run all of your sentences together into a long comment but use paragraphs– it is too difficult to read otherwise.

6.   If a word or link is in your comment doesn’t  get posted, do not try variations of the word/link to try to get it through.

7.   If you have any questions regarding this site Do NOT use the comment section rather email them to or use the contact form.

Vulgar, obscene, and offensive language will not be tolerated. Anyone who uses such language in their post will not be allowed to participate in future comments. While we value freedom of speech, we also wish to protect our visitors from exposure to inflammatory content

If you have a question or comment regarding moderation  or posting comments email me at do not use the comment section.  NOTE: If your comment happens to go into moderation or does not show up and you have been respectful, then do not worry about it as it was a technical or other issue.

Further, if you make any changes to your username or email address your comment will be held for approval of the change.

This site does not support cliques.  Everyone is welcome to comment on this site & join in discussions.  Anyone who ignores new commentators and  only speaks to “certain” people will not be tolerated. In fact, I have a zero tolerance policy which means banning.

 Kind Regards,

Express/Site Owner


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