Photos of Bobbi Kristina Brown in hospice care selling for $100,000


FROM MSN NEWS JULY 4TH 2015 As Bobbi Kristina Brown spends her remaining days in hospice care, “ET” can confirm that someone took photos of her from inside her room. “ET” was one of the media outlets solicited on Friday but has declined the unseemly offer. At the time, the pictures were going for a […]

Judge orders Jodi Arias to pay back victim’s family


JODI ARIAS 2015  PHOENIX (AP) — A judge ordered convicted murderer Jodi Arias on Monday to pay about $30,000 in restitution to her slain lover’s family to cover their travel expenses to attend the lengthy trial. Judge Sherry Stephens ordered Arias to pay five siblings of ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander. Alexander’s family initially asked for about […]

Casey Anthony Interview and Sighting in New York City


Casey Anthony 2015 Interview & Pictures According to TMZ Casey Anthony is preparing to give an interview and get paid well for it.  TMZ spotted Casey Anthony in New York City last week. Below you can watch the video of  Casey captured by TMZ in New York City. TMZ reported the following :  “”Casey  flew into NYC […]

Casey Anthony 2015 New Pictures and Living Info


Casey Anthony 2015  sightings, latest news… Fox News:  America’s most infamous mom, Casey Anthony was seen in public this weekend for the first time in more than two years, as it was revealed she has moved to a new home in a leafy Florida suburb. In pictures exclusive to Daily Mail Online, Anthony, 29, donned her […]

Jodi Arias Update: Jurors Identities Leaked


From AZ Central News:  PHOENIX — An investigation into the leaks of the identities of jurors at the Jodi Arias murder trial could not pinpoint who was responsible for the illegal disclosures, but it ruled out court employees as the culprit behind the violation. The presiding judge of Maricopa County Superior Court had a Scottsdale […]

Fellow inmate claims Jodi Arias getting ‘special treatment’ at Perryville


Jodi Arias Latest News, crime scene photos GOODYEAR, AZ – A fellow inmate at Perryville Women’s Prison claims Jodi Arias is getting special treatment behind bars, but the Arizona Department of Corrections strongly denies the allegations. The inmate, Cristy Olivas, asked her little sister to share her message. “They don’t mind her there, she’s another […]

Man Charged in Brutal D.C. Mansion Fire Murders of Family


MSN NEWS:   The suspect in the killings of the Savopoulos family and their housekeeper was arrested along with associates late Thursday in Northeast Washington, when federal agents in two dozen vehicles pinned a car he was riding in and detained the group. Daron Dylon Wint, 34, and four others were taken into custody without a […]

Man Accused of ‘Intentionally’ Shooting at George Zimmerman’s Car


George Zimmerman 2015 ABC NEWS.  A man was arrested in Florida today and accused of “intentionally” shooting at George Zimmerman’s car earlier this week, police said. Detectives said they determined Matthew Apperson “did intentionally fire his weapon into the vehicle occupied by George Zimmerman without provocation,” the Lake Mary Police Department said in a news […]

Cameron Brown Guilty Of Throwing 4 Yr Old Daughter Off Cliff


A jury declared Cameron Brown guilty of purposefully throwing his daughter off a cliff around 15 years ago. The case had been declared a mistrial in two previous trials since the jury could not figure out if he had done the deed on purpose. Brown claims it was an accident, but now that the verdict […]

James Holmes ‘Not Faking’ Insanity Plea, Defense Tells Jury | James Holmes


James Holmes Trial…. ABC NEWS:  Opening statements in the Aurora movie theater shooting began today in Colorado, with the district attorney laying out how shooter James Holmes was declared sane by multiple state-appointed doctors and Holmes’ defense attorney saying there is “ample evidence he’s not faking anything.” New details about the shooting were also revealed […]



Photos of Bobbi Kristina Brown in hospice care selling for $100,000……

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