Casey Anthony Interview and Sighting in New York City

Casey Anthony 2015 Interview & Pictures



According to TMZ Casey Anthony is preparing to give an interview and get paid well for it.  TMZ spotted Casey Anthony in New York City last week. Below you can watch the video of  Casey captured by TMZ in New York City.

TMZ reported the following :  “”Casey  flew into NYC late Thursday. Our photog had a strong feeling it was Casey, even though she denied it. But we figured out she’s the real deal.”

Check back for updates on Casey’s interview and up to date news……..



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  1. Jamie

    I don’t think it was a diversion to take our thoughts away from the facts of the case. The current news was about Jeff Ashton and there is a new thread about him. Yesterday, Northern Gal did get the conversation back on track to the evidence etc. on that thread.

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  2. charlee

    how would the press possibly know she was in NY w/o them calling and reporting it ? LOL What this skank will do for attention never ceases to amaze me, I am so glad im over her, hope she crawls in that dirt hole like Rob Lowe said she should lol

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  3. ღSalღ

    October 13, 2015 – 4:18 am

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