Prosecution rests in Michael Dunn trial

  • Michael Dunn is charged with first-degree murder for shooting Jordan Davis after dispute over loud music
  • The prosecution rested its case Monday after calling the medical examiner to the stand

FROM HLN NEWS FEB. 10, 2014 :

Prosecutors rested their case against Michael Dunn Monday after calling a medical examiner to the stand who tried to poke holes in the 47-year-old’s claim of self-defense following a dispute over loud music.

Dr. Stacey Simons showed graphic images of Jordan Davis’ deceased body on the fourth day of the trial and said the 17-year-old had no drugs or alcohol in his system on November 23, 2012, the day he was fatally shot. She also said she believed Davis was leaning away – not moving toward – his shooter when the fatal shot entered his body.

Simons demonstrated her theory inside the Jacksonville, Florida, courtroom using her own body along with a mannequin. She showed how one of the nine bullets to hit the vehicle ripped through Davis’ torso and fractured some of ribs while also hitting several organs and a major artery that supplied blood to the rest of his body.

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“I believe that it would have been fatal in a matter of minutes,” Simons said.

She also demonstrated how two other bullets struck Davis’ body — one in his left leg and one in his right — and said she believed they would have been debilitating but not likely fatal.

Dunn has admitted to shooting the teen after a dispute over loud music at a gas station but, when he spoke to police less than 24 hours after the incident, he insisted that it was self-defense.

“I’ve never been so scared in my life,” he said in the taped police interview, claiming he saw the barrel of a shotgun or a stick in the teens’ SUV. Police said no weapons were recovered from the vehicle.

Dunn has pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder and three counts of attempted murder related to three teens — Leland Brunson, Tommie Stornes and Tevin Thompson – who were also in the vehicle with Davis.

Those three teens took the stand Friday to describe the final moments leading up to their friend’s death.

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They said they were making a brief stop at a gas station for gum and cigarettes while on their way to another mall to pick up girls. They were playing rap music in the vehicle, which was loud enough to vibrate their mirrors and windows.

When Dunn pulled up alongside them, he said, “Can you turn the music down? I can’t hear myself think,” according to Brunson.

Davis and Dunn exchanged heated words, according to the teens, before Dunn reached inside his glove box, pulled out his gun and started shooting.

Dunn’s girlfriend, Rhonda Rouer, had gone inside the gas station’s store while the incident was unfolding. She held back tears and visibly shook when she took the stand Saturday. The last thing Dunn allegedly told her before she left the vehicle was, “I hate that thug music.”

Moments later, Rouer told jurors, “I heard pop, pop, pop.”

Dunn’s defense is expected to begin its case when court returns from lunch recess.

If convicted, Dunn faces up to life in prison.


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25 Comments for “Prosecution rests in Michael Dunn trial”

  1. AugustWA

    meant to say “rampant”

  2. AugustWA

    “Dunn fired 10 shots at the SUV, three of them while the car was fleeing”

    Sorry, that’s not self defense.

  3. Carol

    IMO this guy is guilty as sin. Deserves to spend life in prison. Florida will come thru and get this one right.

  4. AugustWA

    So many holes in Dunn’s story. The kid pointed a gun at him but no gun or any object which could be construed as a gun was found in or around the vehicle. The kid got out of the vehicle but actually he was murdered in the vehicle. The music was deafeningly loud and shaking Dunn’s car yet Dunn heard the kid say he wanted to kill him. Let justice be served.

    I worry tho’ after all its FLA

  5. AugustWA

    Man, this sure its taking too long for this jury to figure it out…what is wrong with jurors… the hot head shot ten rounds into a car with unarmed teens inside how hard is it to come back with a guilty verdict,makes me so angry i can see another zimmerman happening

  6. 2loyalty

    Surely AugustWA Florida won’t get it wrong, yet again?

  7. AugustWA

    Smdh…if they convict him at all it will be of lesser charges…it’s just insane. Shoot at a car load of teens who pissed you off, not just a shot but 10 rounds then NOT call police but go to an agriculture worker neighbor of his to ask for advice…

  8. 2loyalty

    This is a video of Michael Dunn’s neighbor speaking to Davos layer, John Philips.

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