Mother charged in dismembering death of 32-year-old son

1aCNN) — A 59-year-old Michigan woman has been charged in connection with the death and dismemberment of the woman’s 32-year old son, a sheriff said Monday.

Donna Scrivo was arraigned in St. Clair Shores, Michigan, on charges of disinterment and mutilation of a body, St. Clair County Sheriff Tim Donnellon said at a news conference.

Body parts identified as those of Ramsay Scrivo, the suspect’s son, were found in garbage bags dumped along Michigan roads, according to law enforcement officials.

Officials at the press conference said they expect more charges to follow. An autopsy is not complete and a cause of death has not yet been determined, Detective Sergeant Jay Cohoe said at the news conference.

According to court documents, Donna Scrivo filed a petition seeking hospitalization for mental illness of her son in May and was granted guardianship.

The petition was filed shortly after Ramsay Scrivo’s father’s death, Cohoe said.

“From what I understand, it (the father’s death) did have a negative impact on the family,” Cohoe said.

Officials stated that there was no history of assault allegations between Donna Scrivo and her son but police had been to the home on disorderly complaints.

The body parts were found Thursday and Friday at five different locations in St. Clair County, a few miles from the Canadian border.

A witness told police she saw a middle-aged woman in a light-colored SUV dumping what she initially thought was garbage in the area.

Security camera footage from the area confirmed the witness’ account.

“A suspect vehicle was identified and images broadcast of a person of interest,” the St. Clair Shores police and the St. Clair County Sheriff’s Office said in a joint news release Saturday.

Ramsay Scrivo had been missing since January 26. His remains were identified through fingerprints.

“He would sit outside, very friendly,” a neighbor told CNN affiliate WDIV. “Well-respected, everyone talked to him. He would say hi to everybody.”

Donna Scrivo was being held with bail set at $100,000, and with a preliminary hearing set for February 14, according to officials at the news conference.

She had not obtained an attorney as of Monday afternoon, officials said.


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26 Comments for “Mother charged in dismembering death of 32-year-old son”

  1. Joan

    This is a truly disturbing case. I’m sure more will be unfolding, but as for now it wreaks of mental illness…both mother and son it seems.

  2. Moo (GA)

    Hmmm…lying about assets to claim indigence? Not looking too good for ‘ol Donna going in to this thing. Pretty good chance murder charges are imminent.

    On a side note, I get you might want to murder your teenaged son (lol) but if you’ve made it through the teenage years and your son is reasonably successful as this kid appeared to be, why on earth would you off him and then dismember him? Pretty grisly for a mom…..

  3. ๑۩ dee ۩๑

    Moo (GA)
    February 5, 2014 – 11:58 am
    “According to court documents, Donna Scrivo filed a petition seeking hospitalization for mental illness of her son in May and was granted guardianship.”

  4. ღSalღ

    Did “ol’ donna” take out insurance on her son?

  5. ๑۩ dee ۩๑

    His father’s terminal illness and death had a dramatic impact on Ramsay Scrivo, who was diagnosed with psychosis and threatened to hang himself when his father died.

    His mother, Donna Scrivo, a registered nurse, was granted guardianship of Ramsay, who a doctor listed as paranoid, delusional and suicidal.

  6. Moo (GA)

    Ohh, how sad about the son’s mental illness. I thought I read where he had gone to college and worked for State Farm or Allstate or something….

    Just heartbreaking.

  7. ๑۩ dee ۩๑

    According to court records, Ramsay Scrivo went into building construction trades after he left the accounting job and just before his hospitalization started a lawn maintenance business.

    The report also says Ramsay Scrivo — who admitted he once did not take medication for his anxiety because he didn’t think he needed it — was taking his prescriptions at that time, felt calmer and recognized he needed the medicine.

    But in September, after he said he thought someone had implanted a speaker in his tooth and removed a crown to take out the speaker, another petition for hospitalization was filed in probate court. Doctors diagnosed Ramsay with psychosis and said he was paranoid. The petition was dismissed when he was discharged from the hospital, according to court records.

  8. Moo (GA)

    You never know what is going to make someone snap. We had a manager get fired last week and he went to the top floor of our parking garage and tried to jump off. Thankfully, a co-worker was able to grab him before he made the leap. But not before the crowds, police, ambulances, etc. gathered.

    It’s sad when people are fighting those demons in their heads and losing the battle. Mental illness, depression, etc. are terrible illnesses that are so hard to treat let alone treat effectively.

  9. patti O

    This mother obviously has a few demons of her own. This happened about 45 minutes from where I live and there are far more woodsy, remote, dirt roads in the area that she could have turned down to dump the bags. She looks crazy in her photo.

  10. ๑۩ dee ۩๑

    patti O
    February 5, 2014 – 10:25 pm
    …there are far more woodsy, remote, dirt roads in the area that she could have turned down to dump the bags.
    Jay Cohoe said one limb remains missing, and authorities continue to …

  11. ๑۩ dee ۩๑

    Answers elusive

    ““I know she loved her son very much,” Doris Odren said. “She doted on him, like all mothers do to their sons.”

    Others who know the family have examined Facebook postings by both mother and son to see if there were any clues to a parting of ways but didn’t find any:

    • On Nov. 16, 2013, Donna Scrivo wrote: “Dan, Jason & Ramsay are my life & I have always put them ahead of everything,” referring to her husband and two sons

    • May 10, 2013, she wrote: “Happy birthday to our wonderful youngest son Ramsay. Can’t believe you are 32. This song (Rascal Flatts’ “My Wish”) encompasses all that we wish for you. And the warmth of your smile makes us feel good every day.”

    Read more:

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