Doctor Accused of Killing Wife after Facelift Surgery – Trial Oct. 15th

article-1373293-0B7AB8B800000578-291_468x286Dr. Martin MacNeill’s trial begins October 15



  • Dr. Martin MacNeill is accused of drugging and killing his wife to pursue extramarital affair
  • Woman who claims to be MacNeill’s lover said he told her about killing his brother and attempting to kill his mother

BACKGROUND FROM ABC NEWS:  In April, 2007, two weeks after 50-year old Michele MacNeill died following a routine facelift, her husband Martin moved his girlfriend, Gypsy Willis, into the family home. Willis, he said, would be his young children’s nanny.

MacNeill’s grown daughters, Alexis and Rachel, now estranged from their father, were worried about their younger sisters and were searching for answers about their mother’s death. They created a file on their father, a long-time local doctor who also has a law degree from Brigham Young University’s law school. Together with their aunt, Linda Cluff, Michele’s sister, they started asking questions. Cluff visited a detective at the Pleasant Grove, Utah, police department

“He said, ‘We’re closing the case,'” Cluff said she was told. “‘Sorry, you know, I know that kind of shocks you because she was young to have a heart attack.'”  Pleasant Grove police declined to discuss the case with ABC News.

But the women would not give up. For more than a year, they documented MacNeill’s past and tried to get someone to listen to them.  “I’d try to go to the authorities. I’d go to the governor’s office,” said Alexis. “I went to every single newspaper in Utah, trying to get someone to listen. … I cannot understand why no one would listen. My mother was murdered … and no one cares.”  No one, until they found veteran Utah County Attorney’s office investigator Doug Witney. When Witney reviewed the women’s file and official reports, he began to ask questions about MacNeill — questions that led him all the way back to MacNeill’s college transcript, three decades earlier.

“It appears to me that instead of taking his transcript and altering it, he got somebody else’s. It had different entrance dates,” Witney said.

Witney discovered that the 23-year-old MacNeill used that phony transcript to get into medical school in Mexico. MacNeill had told people he stayed a year. But when Doug Whitney tracked down that transcript, it revealed, “he [MacNeill] had actually been there for a semester,” Witney said. “It was very obvious … [it] was totally falsified as well.”

MacNeill’s entire career in medicine was “based on … falsified transcripts to get into two colleges,” Witney said. “How can he possibly be a doctor when he didn’t have the transcript to even get into medical school?”

How did MacNeill do it?

“The guy is brilliant.” Witney said. “I am not saying that he is not smart … he just … lies.”

Witney said MacNeill next used the phony transcripts to get into a medical college in California, where he graduated after three years with a degree in osteopathic medicine.  In 1984, he landed a residency at a New York City hospital, and from there built a 30-year career as a doctor. Among other positions, he worked at the Brigham Young University health clinic for nearly 10 years, but resigned following a complaint.

But that wasn’t all. Witney discovered MacNeill served in the U.S. Army for less than two years in the mid-1970’s, and was discharged for a psychiatric disorder. Witney discovered that over the next three decades, MacNeill was able to collect more than $100,000 in disability payments from the Veteran’s Administration. By the time Utah investigators uncovered it, the amount was up to up to $3,000 a month. The VA confirmed to ABC News that MacNeill collected benefits, but the agency would not comment further…..


“THE TRIAL”  – FROM HLN NEWS:  The trial of Dr. Martin MacNeill may rival that of Jodi Arias for lurid, sensational details.

He’s accused of using his medical knowledge to kill his wife, just days after making her get plastic surgery. Authorities say he drugged her heavily during her recuperation. She was found dead in the bathtub. But there are conflicting accounts, from MacNeill himself, about the position of her body. There’s “another woman,” stolen identities, reports of sexual assaults, and other crimes that figure into this complex story.

All but one of his children believe MacNeill killed their mother. The son who doubted his guilt committed suicide. 


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11 Comments for “Doctor Accused of Killing Wife after Facelift Surgery – Trial Oct. 15th”

  1. ☂ᗩᗰᗰᎩ ᗷᙓᗩᖇ


  2. ☂ᗩᗰᗰᎩ ᗷᙓᗩᖇ

    SO SAD,,,, I am glad the kids didnt give up on their Mama to find out the truth

  3. Sal

    Hi, Tammy Bear, and all.

    Michelle MacNeill and her children are very good looking. I would like to see what his “girlfriend” looked like.
    Here is a photo of her on the following link, but no dateline:

    Martin MacNeill’s girlfriend faces identity fraud charge

    Ravell Call, Deseret News: Gypsy Willis, former girlfriend of Martin MacNeill, listens to her attorney, John Easton

    PROVO — The girlfriend of a man suspected of killing his wife was in court Tuesday on charges of working with him to steal his daughter’s identity.

    Gypsy Willis, aka Giselle Jillian MacNeill, is currently serving a 21-month sentence for federal charges of aiding and abetting in aggravated identity theft and made her initial appearance for her district charges Tuesday. She was charged in December 2009 in 4th Provo’s District Court with one count of identity fraud, two counts of false and inconsistent material statements and one count of wrongful lien.

    She set a waiver hearing March 1 where a preliminary hearing will be set or she will waive her preliminary hearing. Willis will be serving her last few weeks of her federal sentence in the Utah County jail.

  4. AugustWA

    Another wife found dead in a bath tub….wonder what his motive was

  5. navymom

    Wow. I work in the field of medical education and all i can say he must be very good in his forging of his documentation or the person who was reviewing and verifying did not do their job. He must also be brilliant to be working as a physician this long and only have one major complaint against him. He is obviously a sociopath and this is going to be one interesting trial. I certainly pray for his children’s sake that the jury that is seated are at least educated.

  6. ☂ᗩᗰᗰᎩ ᗷᙓᗩᖇ

    October 3, 2013 – 4:24 pm
    Hi Darling, unbeilvable, this guy is crazy and a con.. I hope hes locked up forever

  7. ๑۩ dee ۩๑

    Darren Kavinoky ‏
    Martin MacNeill went nuts when wife wanted to delay facelift he pushed for! Why? To do so would mean delaying his mistress-nanny moving in!

    Hear Dr. MacNeill’s 911 call for help

  8. Lori

    Quite the Hinky situation – – –
    however…….the 9.1.1. Operator truly was Not listening to the caller.
    Any other caller, as a physician, would have also been offended after stating that they were already performing CPR & identifying themselves as a doctor – then being asked AGAIN if they knew how to do CPR, etc. I would have hung up, too. If it wasn’t a crime scene, it would be insulting.

  9. PhantomAngel

    According to the article “MacNeill sent his adopted daughter back to the Ukraine “and left (her) there to fend for herself” in the summer following his wife’s death. Giselle was planning on visiting her biological sister there for a short time, but federal prosecutors said MacNeill had no plans of having her return.” I read she is having a hard time since the identity theft. Is there any plans to get her back home?
    I think I may have to watch this as Hodee seems to put hers off forever!!!!
    Love ya!

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