1Jodi Arias verdict is in and Jodi Arias was found guilty of first degree Murder! Just In… check  back for details ….

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  1. Sal

    Binky (MO)
    May 9, 2013 – 7:34 am
    ” . . . it will be interesting when Juan gets up there and I hope he talks about her stomping Travis. . . ”

    Eek! Truly stomping on Travis?? I had not heard that before, Binky. That is pure rage and hatred! I certainly hope the jury gets to hear that!
    Sal ♥

  2. paula

    Thank you all so much for all the information and opinions you have all offered. Thank you to Juan for his outstanding prosecutorial skills. Thank you to Detective Flores for his patience in dealing with this evil sociopath. Thank you God – the Alexander family finally gets a little bit of peace. Hopefully, now they can go on with their lives. They have had so much heartache in their young lives. It’s hard to think of them without getting a lump in my throat. In the same way it’s hard to think of Alyce Laviolette without feeling that anger rise up like poison. Thank you to Nancy Grace and Dr. Drew – I came to enjoy and look forward to these 2 shows for information. After Dark not so much – a silly show! Thank you to the jurors. They took this responsibility very seriously and I feel guilty for ever doubting them while they were deliberating. They did great and wonderful to know they were all in agreement. I wonder if the Anthony jury was watching? Are they ashamed of themselves? Maybe if there was someone in front of them everyday, crying for Caylee, they wouldn’t have been so easily bribed. But, there was no one there for Caylee. In this courtroom there was alot of love for Travis and it was a wonderful testiment to him. Hopefully, they can write books, make TV appearances and hold their heads up very high, unlike those involved in the Florida travesty. This jury has sent out a message of hope for the American justice system. We’re back on track.

  3. CShellB (Canada)

    Amy, I heard on one of the newscasts yesterday the husband of the first juror excused was heard approaching one of Travis’ family members and said in a very heavy accent that his wife would have voted the same way.

    ***amy May 9, 2013 – 6:46 am Im thinkin she’ll chose mean evil persona today. Now im glad the first excused juror was excused! Wasnt too sure where her loyalties were.

  4. amy

    Sal…i just heard about the stomping also. Autopsy pics of his shins. This will thankfully be part of this next phase (right??)

  5. suze

    hey does anyone know why stabby didn;t have to stand for the verdict?

  6. Sal

    May 9, 2013 – 7:50 am

    Sal…i just heard about the stomping also. Autopsy pics of his shins. This will thankfully be part of this next phase (right??)
    Yes, TQ, amy!
    Sal ♥

  7. MsShoe16


    3 WEEKS for the penalty phase???? You mean I’m joined at the hip to my TV for another 3 weeks? I need to get some yard work done, stain the deck and screen porch. I don’t have 3 weeks. I’m going to need trial addiction rehab.

  8. amy

    CShellB…oh good! I feel better that her husband said that! Perhaps thats why the duhfense was happy that day she was excused(now that i think back). Shes been referred to as “two tone” lol. I like her hair! Id dont have the self confidence to do it, but i like it on her.

  9. ๑۩ dee ۩๑

    Jodi Arias’ Family Visits in Jail After Verdict – Look At Grandma. NO Wheelchair

  10. Laurie

    dee – I just saw that on HLN – granny did not even have a limp.

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