Watch The Jodi Arias Trial Live Here & Updates — (#5)


Last week, the defense domestic violence expert faced tough cross examination from the prosecutor and skeptical questions from the jury.

A human lie detector?

Prosecutor Juan Martinez spent much of the week attempting to use defense domestic violence expert Alyce LaViolette’s own words and theories against her.

Martinez continued Monday to challenge the opinions LaViolette had expressed about Jodi Arias and Travis Alexander’s relationship during her previous six days on the stand.

He questioned how she uses a diagram illustrating what she calls the continuum of aggression and abuse. LaViolette said it was part of the framework she uses in general, but her assessment of Arias is not based on it.

Throughout the week, Martinez repeatedly reminded LaViolette that she had said during her direct testimony that 90% of communication was non-verbal, but she did not personally interview anyone other than Arias in preparation for the case.

“That would mean you were 90% wrong,” Martinez said Monday of LaViolette’s interpretations of Travis Alexander’s writings and text messages. LaViolette maintained that she read enough interview transcripts, texts, instant messages and emails to have the proper context to evaluate Arias.

Revisiting LaViolette’s “Was Snow White a Battered Woman?” presentation, Martinez asked whether she spoke to anyone involved in the fairy tale before assessing that case.  LaViolette responded that she did not speak to any of the seven dwarves.  LaViolette was also questioned about the things she chose to believe or dismiss from Travis Alexander’s communication with other women. Martinez asked LaViolette if she was a “human lie detector” and later referred to her as the “gatekeeper” of what evidence is or is not believable.

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4,553 Comments for “Watch The Jodi Arias Trial Live Here & Updates — (#5)”

  1. Hateliars

    Remember, I am the one who went to a wedding where the jury foreman in the Casey case attended also. I wasn’t allowed to know who he was because the groom knew I would try to drown him in the men’s room toilet. But I know he was there and I was eyeballing the room all night guessing. lol

  2. Trial

    I swear I don’t think Hodi is eating. (not that it matters) I have noticed she has lost a lot of weight since this started. Makes her look witchy.

  3. Sal

    April 17, 2013 – 3:10 pm

    Pleae excuse my typos,as I have said before my keyboard in my laptop sticks and I will have it fixed after the trial is over. The spelling errors are mine because I am not as smart as jodi. LOL

    She may have a higher than average IQ but it is not higher than Einstein’s and last time I cecked Einstein had a most positive effect on the World. Unlike a slaughtering, lying, manipulating poop like jodi!
    Hi, Harleygirl:
    I think you do very well with the sticky keys on your laptop! You may never get it fixed as the trial may never end. Rolls Eyes

    There are free IQ tests a person can do on the Internet. I don’t know how accurate they would be, but we could all check ourselves to see if we are smarter than the jodi?

    Sal ♥

  4. ๑۩ dee ۩๑

    April 17, 2013 – 3:13 pm
    I figured out why it wouldn’t post properly. For some reason the judge’s first name get’s caught in the spam filter.

    “Most of the afternoon was spent with the lawyers and judge in a closed courtroom, ostensibly arguing over whether LaViolette should retake the stand to face further questioning by Martinez.”

    “Judge ….. Stephens did not rule on the matter in open court.”

  5. Sal

    April 17, 2013 – 3:16 pm

    Wow lol Its been 2 years since I posted here. Hello everyone!
    Hi, Hateliars, glad to see you. You must have more of a life than I do, ’cause I can’t give up this Caylee Daily Site!

    LOL Sal

  6. Sal

    Does the jodi think if she doesn’t look at the Doctor that she will go away?
    Does she think ignoring the Doctor will make her testimony invalid.
    Does she think?

  7. Moo (GA)

    Hateliars —

    Hello, hello! OMG, that is so funny about the drowning at the wedding and I DO remember you telling us that you were going.

  8. Cin

    hateliars welcome! You sure picked a fine time to come into this trial. It is so exhasting to have to watch Wilnot (defense Female) cross the prosecution witness’. In fact it is hard to watch her at all. At least this witness is WAY above Wilnot’s head that it is rather entertaining.

  9. kookooznest

    Sal –
    She knows DeMarte, Ph.D “has her number” so to speak !!!! She’s playing the kids game of “you can’t make me look” … Arias is only looking when 1. Dr D is saying something very specific about her (as when Dr D gave her diagnosis of Arias yesterday) – feeding her narcissism, or 2. when BFF-Wilma is crossing, & isn’t boring her yet.

  10. maggie

    No nipping in chambers start on time judge, we want Wilma to go far far away. I’m surprised she hasn’t mentioned Snow White syndrome. Geez Wilma, you need to defend traffic violations

  11. maggie

    You know the more I look at Wilma’s bald spot, the more I think she’s wearing a hair piece. It just doesn’t look normal. Boy, I bet she was a spoiled brat always throwing tantrums……

  12. maggie

    What-cha think, delay trial again because Wilma’s pee wee’s are reading the reviews on her cross, she looks like a complete idiot. She has made 0 progress all morning, now what?

  13. Jane H (Ark)

    What’s with the green puffy shirt? Reminds me of Casey’s green puffy shirt.

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