Watch Video of Jodi Arias & Travis Alexander – New



Watch new Video of Jodi Arias and Travis Alexander here … from the Dr. Drew Show HLN…. AND CHECK BACK LATER FOR MORE  VIDEO!


 On Tuesday night, HLN’s Dr. Drew interviewed Hollie and Jacob Mefford who provided the show with video of Jodi Arias and Travis Alexander that has never been shown to the public until now.

Setting up the video, Jacob explained that friends were hanging out after a convention in Oklahoma City. During that time, Jacob’s wife felt compelled to videotape a story Travis had told before about a near death experience at a robbery.

During the recording, Arias can be seen with her head resting on Alexander’s lap.  In part, Alexander is heard saying, “I got this gun against my head — and all he needs to do is squeeze, you know. So, I’m like, this woman is going to get killed. And I’m like looking at her with all the despair I can muster up in my retina.”

Hear Dr. Drew and his special guests, including lie detection expert Janine Driver, comment on what they believe they’re seeing in the video regarding the demeanor of Jodi Arias.

Arias claims that she killed Alexander in self-defense in June of 2008, even though she had given authorities other stories about the circumstances of his death. She faces the death penalty if convicted in her trial.


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939 Comments for “Watch Video of Jodi Arias & Travis Alexander – New”

  1. David

    I think the baby killer reads this page as well. Let’s all go to her article and tell her what an ugly, fat, repulsive, vile person she is.

  2. David

    Why was my word “f a t” x’d out?

  3. Bonnie

    Does anyone know if Matt McCartney is on defense’s witness list? I’m wondering why Martinez keeps bringing it up that JA said Matt would never betray her. Martinez must have something up his sleeve! Can’t wait to see what it is. Maybe Matt has the “smoking gun”…that is JA’s grandparents gun and it was traced back to gun casing in Travis’ bathroom! I doubt it but that would be so awesome!!!

  4. Ladyluck WI

    Bonnie..i’m actually wondering if matt was banished from being a witness at all? since JM hinted that JA was trying to get Matt to lie..maybe it was determined he lied under oath and he is banished from testifyign? is that possible?

  5. Harleygirl

    Jm has got something up his sleeve or he would not talk about Matt. Remember he said to jodi, are you sure Matt is an ally? Do you know what he said about you on January of 2013? Something is up. numi almost soiled himself yesterday when JM brought out those bank statements. jodi started swallowing hard, drinking water and licking her lips. jodi was really angry when JM was questioning her.

  6. Biaz I on hln. Why do they ask him how the trial is going. Is it because his client was a liar just like jodi and also him. He made up an awful lie about George t o get that scub bag off . You don’t destroy a persons eruption to save a baby killer. He makes me puke.

  7. Sal

    March 8, 2013 – 11:15 am

    Why was my word “f a t” x’d out?
    It is one of the forbidden words now, because at one time there was speculation that kc trampthony was sitting in seclusion in a trailer? gaining weight. We were calling her that word, sometimes adding and “tie” to the end of the word and so the word(s) got banned.

    It was funny that when one of us might comment on cheese or some other such thing as low f-t the word would get X

    There are a few other words that get X also. The house of the Lord, can’t say the word for it.

    Onward we go, Sal

  8. Sal

    Hi, all, I just got mattiemay’s permission to re-post a comment and link she posted from the casey anthony thread:
    March 9, 2013 – 6:33 am

    March 8, 2013 – 5:08 pm
    Similiar to and not unlike women who fall in love with and some who even marry men behind bars for henious crimes—-many for murder;
    And men who pine away for women like Casey Anthony or Jodi Arias………

    There is a term for the abnormal psychology of people who love, admire and so on……..the criminals they support…… Hybristophiliacs….

    A good read on wiki…..
    Hi, mattiemay
    That was very interesting. I hope you also posted that on the two Jodi Arias threads. There is such a man following and praising the jodi. I can’t think of his name right now.
    I guess you could say he is the “Bonnie” to jodi’s “Clyde”? Rolls Eyes

    LOL Sal

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