New Photos of Jodi Arias & Travis Alexander – from Dr. Drew

NEW PHOTOS OF TRAVIS AND JODI ARIAS —- Source – Dr. Drew Show, HLN TV March 18, 2013





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133 Comments for “New Photos of Jodi Arias & Travis Alexander – from Dr. Drew”

  1. Harleygirl

    I wish JM could prove that picture of TA private part that was displayed all afternoon one day was Darryl’s parts and not TA. They asked for the recess so the defense team could tell the doc what to say next.

  2. Harleygirl

    That what irritates me as well Joan, I think TA is being forgot about because of all of this garbage the defense is saying. That breaks my heart. The defens would be smart it the just get this doc off the stand because when they re-direct it will be too late the jury will have already dismissed his garbage opinion. Too bad they did not get to hear the doc in the hall saying we got this in the bag.
    Joan, do you think jodi is smirking because she thinks she has got this in the bag?

  3. Joan

    It looks like most people are on the other thread, sigh! I never know where to be!
    I don’t think any coaching is going to help this guy out, HG!! He’s toast…..Juan is just way too smart to be outwitted!!! I would be scared and I’m sure the next lady is having anxiety. If Matt McCartney is waiting in the wings, I think he better tell the truth! His freedom and marriage can’t be worth it!!

  4. Joan

    I think she smirks because at times she still believes she is outsmarting everyone. Other times, I think she enjoys trashing Travis! She knows his friends/family didn’t care for her and know she’s guilty. She enjoys making them suffer too, in my opinion!!

  5. ๑۩ dee ۩๑

    “Let’s make this simple — When you look at this photo – first thing that comes to mind?”

  6. Sunday Brunch

    Dee, in response to that photo

    “Look Ma I can read!”

  7. Bonnie

    “Sure” Love it, JM!!! Ding, Ding, Ding…Round 2! GO JUAN! TRAVIS FOR JUSTICE!!!

    I’m afraid to use the other thread for fear it will crash :(

  8. Bonnie

    lol Juan objected Wilma’s objection – lol. Wilma and Nurmi are disgusting! Wilma…stop objecting…sit down and shut your trap!!!

    Dr. Quack is incompetent to say the least.

  9. Phoiebe

    Even burning in hell is too good for Jodi Arias!! I watched Jodi on the stand each day and as I am a victim of an attempted murder suffering with PTSD, I found Jodi’s testimony revolting. Even though I’ve been to over 9 years of therapy just to live with what happened to me and to make some kind of life for myself, there would be no way I could have been so calm while testifying even tho 9 years have past since the attack on me. While on the stand, Jodi smiled while telling lies, calmy and thoughtfully turned and looked at the jury with each answer. Every answer was precalculated, every act of looking at the jury while answering was planned, the few tears that she tried to shed looked fake to me. She only lowered her face to try to hide it with her hair and her hands while faking the sobbing. She is a devil. I pray for those who really do live with PTSD, it is an awful illness to suffer with. I also pray that this case does not hurt future cases involving abuse, making it harder and harder to prove that PTSD and abuse really does exist. Travis suffered an awful premediated death, his terror and pain is beyound belief. My sincerest sympathy to his family.

  10. susie j

    Firstly, the attorney is not WLMA. Her last name is Wilmouth. I think she is much better than Nurmi.

  11. jan

    How long was Jodi with Travis on the day he was murdered?? Also, would she have killed him if the whole camera incident hadn’t happened???? It sounds like they were having a normal day until she dropped the camera.

  12. Anne

    @ Jan- No, that is her 3rd or 4th made up story! That’s not what this case/incident is about at all! She had the whole murder planned! The rental car, all the gas cans so she didnt have to stop, the gun that was reported missing from her grandmas, the upside down license plates, dyed hair..Understand now? The list goes on..he was to be going on a trip with another female in less than a wk at the time. She was a crazed stalker! She was singing & laughing when she was in the police interrogation room minutes after crying that she would never harm Travis! She is evil!

  13. The things people do! I know a DEVIL when I see one, and so I have been careful all my life. SHE DOES NOT DESERVE TO DIE by efforts of our service men, Neither does she deserve PRISON FOR LIFE. Who will feed her there, the GOVT of course. Wasting our fund for DEVILS. Just drop her in the ZOO, she will make a good friend with the beast of the Zoo.

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