Meet the Jodi Arias jury

1Eighteen Arizona citizens have spent more than two months listening to witnesses, looking at evidence and asking Jodi Arias questions about the slaying of Travis Alexander. And it’s not over yet.  But, only 12 of them will ultimately decide on Arias’ fate.

After closing arguments, six of the jurors will find out they are alternate jurors. They will listen to jury instructions and then watch the 12 official jurors head to the jury room to begin deliberations.

The alternate jurors will not be released from service at this time. During deliberations, if any one of the 12 jurors are released for any reason, an alternate juror would be called back and deliberations would begin again.

The Arias jury has been closely watched by the gallery and Arias herself. During Arias’ testimony, she often answered questions while looking directly at the jury.

Here is what our HLN and In Session producers have noticed about the jury. The following descriptions are intended to give a snapshot of each juror’s reaction to Arias’ testimony:

Juror No. 1

She is a white female in her 60s and sits closest to the witness stand. She doesn’t look at Arias often during her testimony. People in the gallery observed her yawning once during an emotional part of Arias’ testimony.

Juror No. 2

He is a white male in his 50s. He takes few notes and usually has his head cupped in his hands as he listens to testimony.

Juror No. 3

She is a white female in her 40s. She takes a lot of notes and often watches prosecutor Juan Martinez as he moves around the courtroom. She has been seen submitting questions.

Juror No. 4

He is a white male in his 60s, and he takes few notes.

Juror No. 5

She is a married, white female in her 30s. She sits on the edge of her seat and is the most visible juror from the gallery because she has a “unique hair style.”

Juror No. 6

She is a white female in her 60s and is also seen taking many notes.

Juror No. 7

He is a white male in his 30s, and he is married. He takes notes and often bites his nails.

Juror No. 8

He is a white male in his 50s and is married. He also takes notes and has been observed submitting questions.

Juror No. 9

He is a white male in his 60s. He wears denim on most days and sits at the end of the jury box. He sits close to the first row of the gallery where Alexander’s family sits.

Juror No. 10

He is a white male in his 70s and is married. He has a tattoo on his right arm. He rarely is seen taking notes. He sits the furthest away from the witness.

Juror No. 11

She is a married, white female in her 30s. She takes a lot of notes. She does not look at Arias during testimony. She tends to look straight ahead or down at her notes.

Juror No. 12

She is a white female in her 40s and also takes lots of notes. She swiveled her chair toward Arias during her testimony.

Juror No. 13

He is a white male in his late 60s to early 70s. He wears an audio-enhancing headset provided by the court. He does takes notes.

Juror No. 14

He is a white male in his early 60s who often swivels in his chair. He does not appear to be taking notes.

Juror No. 15

He is a white male in his late 20s or early 30s. He appears to be the youngest member of the jury and takes very few notes. He smiled when Martinez asked Arias if she could predict the future.

Juror No. 16

He is a white male in his 40s.

Juror No. 17

He is a Hispanic male in his late 20s to early 30s. He dresses casually and sometimes slouches so far down in his chair that he is hardly visible to the gallery. He does not appear to be taking notes.

Juror No. 18

She is a white female in her 40s. She is an occasional note taker and she often looks at the gallery during sidebars.


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161 Comments for “Meet the Jodi Arias jury”

  1. nancee r

    Can somebody send me a working link for on line viewing? ABC 15 has nothing.

  2. Sunday Brunch

    nancee r

    March 18, 2013 – 2:01 pm

    Can somebody send me a working link for on line viewing? ABC 15 has nothing.

  3. Sunday Brunch

    nancee r

    Don’t know what happened to my previous post

  4. MissyPach

    They are looking soooooooo unprofessional and “keystone cop ish”. Wilmott looks like a deer in head lights. Her website states she trains other lawyers. I cannot see this to be true seeing her amateurish performance in court.

  5. I don’t give a crap if this Doctor is trying to say she was in a fog. The point is she did it and admitted to it, I believe whole heartedly that she went to Travis to do what she planned if she didn’t get what she wanted. I am so sick of these people trying to make it look ok for Jodi and others to carry out crimes like this.

  6. MissyPach

    Omgosh…SearcySamuels is doing the exact same thing as JA,….playing with the wording to match what she said. If you notice he looks over at Jodi right away when he’s pulling off this b/s.

    This to me, no doubt confirms the convenient “personal” problem one of the attorneys had, most obviously the defense… convenient. They took those 3 days to practice this mockery with this quack.

    Oh great, I really need to listen to this other sugar coater Ryan Smith right now. What HLN is doing and what they will be doing tonight with a re-enactment and the presence of Baez to antagonize everyone should be deemed as Obstruction of Justice as they are clearly willing participants in trying to influence this case. Jmho

    I hope ALL these enablers have karma knocking at their door and when they put their heads down on a pillow at night may they have constant “intrusive thoughts” (a la Jodi) robbing them from any peace of mind….. I am sorry, but I will always be an advocate for victims, not vile consciousness people.

    Wilmott is trying to cover every single trip up and b/s Samuels told on Friday……PROOF that the personal emergency on Friday was B/S and they were intentionally stalling to have time to get their stories tailored. …And this is Justice??

  7. MissyPach

    Sorry, I meant conscious less.

  8. Diane

    I guess that means that every murderer has lose of memory after they kill someone (and very stressed) and that’s why they leave the scene, because they have the fight or flight syndrome……this testimony is painful!!!!

  9. Diane

    *I mean loss of memory……….this so called doc is stressing me out! Smile

  10. efrain

    wow ONE hispanic juror out of 18????
    arizona is disgusting

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