Jodi Arias flips the finger (bird) In Court – Watch Video



It “appears” Jodi Arias is flipping her finger (flipping the bird) in court at her psychologist?? What do you think? …. WATCH VIDEO BELOW:

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37 Comments for “Jodi Arias flips the finger (bird) In Court – Watch Video”

  1. Kat

    I seen that too, i think she is giving it to the juror asking that ?…must admit X good ?s. She is a sociopath.

  2. KarmaForCrazy

    Hmmm, no video appears on my screen . . .

  3. gabby2

    I also thought figure might be for jury. Her inner thoughts showing.

    AND of course adrenalin would be high even in a planned murder…especially went victim was fighting bad. This man is a quack!!! I hope he looses license.

  4. amy

    I saw that right away and fully believe she did it intentionality. She knows shes not doing too well.

  5. Dena

    I’d like the discount psychologist to look at this video and tell me again how non-assertive she is. Someone who was truly the shrinking violet they’re trying to get us to believe Jodi Arias is, would not have such a blatant contempt for the environment they’re in as to openly give someone the finger in court.

  6. Jane H (Ark)

    Someone who is non-assertive would not have been so compative with the prosecutor. She was trying to get the upper hand the whole time with JM. At times she thinks she succeeded, but she did not. She was only fooling herself.

  7. Jane H (Ark)

    Combative–sorry typo.

  8. Dena

    Unfortunately, I think Martinez let her get to him a bit and fluster him – but not enough to ensure she’s going to win. I think she showed exactly what kind of person she was. I think she thought she was getting the jury on her side, but I think she was really alienating them by making them feel like their time was being wasted. That’s how I’d have felt, anyway, like snapping at her to stop arguing semantics and answer the freaking question.

  9. This is something I don’t understand with Jodi. Casey did the same thing. You would think they would watch what they say or do being the situation they are in. They would say that Jodi was in the fog at the moment she gave the finger but doesn’t remember doing that. That’s about how stupid they sound. I know defense Lawyers are suppose to do their jobs for their clients but this is ridiculous how they are making themselves look through this whole thing with Jodi. I would have crawled under my chair a long time ago if I was one of these people.

  10. Dinosaur

    According to the ole doc, he says that JA wasn’t assertive,she had a low-self esteem,so,if that’s the case,how could she kill Travis in self-defense?

  11. Dena I think when it comes to the Prosecutors they really get the short end of the stick and it gets to them so much. There probably is so much more that we or the jurors don’t ever hear about. That is why it upsets them so much. The Prosecutor has to prove these things about the criminals and in my mind Mr. Martinez has done that in this case. I personally think he has done a great job with the way he has handled himself with Jodi because she is such a smart butt that was rude to him and the Judge should have called her out on a lot of it but chose not to. Never in my life have a seen cases like Jodi and Casey’s trials. The justice system seems to always favor the criminals. But with all the information that they have on Jodi plus all her lies that maybe this one wont turn out like Casey’s did.

  12. Trial

    She was very assertive to the prosecutor and the jury was there to see it.

    He said he talked to Jodi about 25-30 hours, well she was on the witness stand longer than that so the jury saw more of her than he did.

  13. gabby2

    …lotta rage left in that girl…

  14. Do y’all think Jodi and lover-girl are planning a romantic weekend? I mean, time is drawing to an END! Butt Slut and her girl only have a limited amount of time….then it’s the BIG HOUSE and THE BIG GIRLS get their chance…she’ll love it.

  15. I wonder if the tax payers will have to pay to have her implants replaced after the 10 yr. limit when she spends the rest of her life behind bars??

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