WARNING Graphic – Autopsy Picture of Caylee Anthony Untouched (Forensic Evidence)

WARNING DO NOT PROCEED IF YOU DO NOT ”WANT” TO VIEW CAYLEE ANTHONY’S AUTOPSY PICTURE!! —-I’ve had numerous requests to ”email” the autopsy skeletal remains picture of Caylee after I took the picture down.  Since then, I have been informed ”directly” that the Judge has approved this particular picture.  It is”forensic” in nature and one which has been ”approved” to be published.  Hold off on your complaints, because if you have ”viewed” this article you have no right as you were justly warned!  


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854 Comments for “WARNING Graphic – Autopsy Picture of Caylee Anthony Untouched (Forensic Evidence)”

  1. Juror #2

    What do you mean you shouldn’t have to connect the dots? What do you think you were there for, to have a video of Casy killing Caylee. Use your brain and think. You heard the opening statement of Bozo and took it as fact. Hellooo, he lied just as Casey did. Did any of you really listen to the evidence? I’m still upset she is running loose but I know she’ll get her’s eventually.

  2. juror #2
    September 7, 2012 – 1:29 pm

    Did the prosecution expect us to connect the dots.
    That wasn’t our job.
    Hi everyone,
    And that’s the real problem, juror #2. (which, by the way, I don’t think you are) You people didn’t know what your job was! Were you even listening to the Prosecution? If you were, you wouldn’t have made the statement that you weren’t even sure WHO the caregiver of precious Caylee was!!! How ignorant can 12 people be?

  3. Shane

    Juror#2: If you truly are Juror #2, THANK YOU ! You did the job that you SHOULD have done! Hold your head up high because you reached the right decision. I never thought Casey was guilty and I still don’t. Casey deserves to be a free woman.

  4. Sara


  5. Mya mpore

    Sad,her mom need to die

  6. I think it’s so sad, even today when I think about how precious her life meant to so many people and no justice was served. I truly believe that Casey used chloroform to knock out her child to go out at night to party, and as usually her daughter would wake up in the mornings maybe feeling somewhat groggy or dizzy and confused or even sick but,nonetheless, it became a repeated pattern over and over and eventually the results lead to one morning that her daughter just didn’t wake up! Casey went into panic mode and the rest is history she told a web of lies and made up stories along the way, the one about the drowning in the pool, that never happened. It was if her daughter never existed..well, she did exist and she did have a name.. Her name was …Caylee Anthony and She’s with the ^j^ ‘s (ANGEL’S) now.. But,still the question is where is the justice in all this? Why aren’t we protecting our children and our generation of children of the future to come? Is there no justice for them?

  7. I think it’s so sad, even today when I think about how precious her life meant to so many people around the world and no justice was served.That precious little girl did have a name..her name was Caylee Anthony and she will be remembered by so many, we know she’s in heaven with the ^j^ ‘s and may you R.I.P Caylee..always know that you were truly..LOVED <3 God Bless

  8. Coralie

    Hi Sara,From what I heard Caylee was never buried but disarded like trash on the top of the soil.The body would be decomposing rapidly do to the warm humid temps and exposer to the air.The body was also dismembered by animals who ate what was left of Caylee’s body.

    During the flood in news mentioned in August,the bag and laundy bag would be badly mangled and torn exposing the body to all forms of animal and bacterial activity.

    Also the little body was composed of very delicate soft tissue and more water and fat,whih would speed up deomposition.

    This is truly sad to see this precious child in this condition.

  9. Rich(mo.)

    Where is the link to watch the trial live on tha Caylee Daily??

  10. Rich(mo.)

    Where is the link to watch the trial live on the Caylee Daily??

  11. diana

    to all those who support or believe casey anthony are all going to hell with her and jurors tooooo

  12. diana

    i followed this case from the beginning and to the end. a normal sane person could see casey did it. i am a mom of 3 and know where my children are always. they found so much evidence against her not even a blind deaf person could believe other wise. but that is the kind of world we live in now were there is a way to kill ones we love or ones we dont know. my opinion u take a life its like u playing god no one has that right. caseys job was to protect her child and she was that babys end. she wanted to be free no responsibility and thats what makes me sick, because she got it. she was able to kill her baby, remember baby, and still be free. she now has another chance at life, at memories, at having another baby,( cant believe that one) and she ended everything thing for caylee for her own selfish needs.may be free now but she will suffer in her after life cause only 4 really knows who did, casey, caylee, god, and her maker the devil. may god take care of little CAYLEE MARIE ANTHONY

  13. Diana

    To u juror #2 u r a piece of crap and r as worthless on this earth as casey. The nerve of u is unbelievable. You sure u r not related to casey hahaha. You as well will get yours i hope caylee haunts all u til the day u die may god have mercy on your souls.

  14. Kim

    i wonder what the juror thinks now that the judge has come out with his opinion? connect the dots for what? it was common sense. no reason a 2 year old should end up dead in the trunk of her mothers car and then end up in a ditch while her mother is out partying.

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