Jodi Arias Murder Crime Scene Photos – WARNING EXTREMELY GRAPHIC!

Travis Alexander Murder Crime Scene  *  Autopsy Photos  / pictures(new) …WARNING: The following photos are Extremely graphic & may be disturbing… Proceed with caution.   Click on Photos to enlarge …  Reminder:  We will be covering the George Zimmerman Trial which begins in June!

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878 Comments for “Jodi Arias Murder Crime Scene Photos – WARNING EXTREMELY GRAPHIC!”

  1. JME

    Craig you are sick! She is guilty! Travis didn’t go to her house! He didn’t want anything to do with her. She PLANNED a trip to his house. Turned her phone off and got gas cans, so she didn’t need to stop.

    It was premeditated!! She is sick! He was going to Mexico and she was %100 Jealous! She killed him because he didnt want her. I’ve dressed up and enjoyed erotica, but never wanted to kill anyone! He wasn’t a pedophile. Maybe you are? Maybe the way you think of yourself is projected on to Travis?

  2. Christina

    Craig darling,

    You have to consult a doctor as soon as possible.

    Wishing you all the best.

  3. Katherine

    Hey craig defelice, you seriously need help. I’m sure if Travis was your family member you would feel differently. You also wrote that you were in prison, to bad your not a female, I would love to see you be Jodi’s roommate and have her slash you 29 times and slip your throat for writing such awful stuff about Travis. I have one word for you KARMA!!!! look it up. As for your comment for punching your wife in the face, by the things your write and the anger you have I’m sure your not joking. Oh yea and you should learn to spell before having the nerve to make a post. Go back to prison and ROTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Cheri

    Craig, you really need to go to that Catholic school with your kids and get some spelling pointers! Secondly, the woman that killed herself after being on Nancy Grace’s show was the prime suspect in the disappearance and murder of her son, so boo hoo that she is dead. I was holding on to a bit of sympathy for Jodi, but after viewing some crime scene photos my sympathy is gone. The only question I have would be is Juan Martinez the “Golden boy of prosecutors” or will he do anything and say anything to make a battered woman look like a psychopath. There is another woman on death row in AZ for shooting her husband and Martinez was the prosecutor. Nobody knows what went on behind closed doors. How can Jodi be a liar, on one hand, but in recounting all of the salacious details of her sex life, that is taken as gospel? She lies about some things but is truthful in others…….I know this kind of rambles but there are definitely some questions about this whole trial.

  5. Admt

    Just plain ignorant!

  6. Sam

    I can’t believe anyone has sympathy for this monster after looking at these graphic pics. I hope she fries.

  7. Waffles

    @Craig… i don’t know if your saying what your saying simply to tick people off, or if you really believe what you are typing. If so, are you honestly going to say that you have no fetishes of any kind that might be offensives to others? And, if thou art a Christian, why would you do worse to Travis if he were a “pedophile”. Isn’t one the ten commandments “Thou shalt not kill”? Lastly, if Travis should have been killed for even contemplating sexual relations with a minor, then shouldn’t people who think about killing others be themselves killed, according to you logic?

  8. Mrs. D


    Well had you done your research you would know that there are quite a few photos of Jodi naked, posing sexually and engaging in sexual acts with Travis very shortly before she murdered him! If a man was abusing me and supposed to be all the horrible things she says he was tell me this….WHY DID SHE STAY WITH HIM? WHY DID SHE GO TO HIS HOUSE, HAVE SEX WITH HIM MULTIPLE TIMES AND CONTINUE TO SEE HIM FOR AS LONG AS SHE DID?!?!

  9. D

    Craig, you sir are an ignorant moron. There is absolutely NO proof whatsoever that Travis was a pedophile…and if you honestly believe a lying, manipulative and severely deranged killer than you are just as twisted as she is! My guess is you just think she’s hot and want to get in her pants, which in itself is sick and disgusting. Oh by the way, She was found guilty AND with the reckless decision to do an interview immediately afterward just put the final nail in her coffin! She’s NEVER going to be free…and she’s going to be lucky if she doesn’t end up on death row. Jodi Arias is a manipulative, cold-hearted, pyschotic evil witch and she WILL pay for what she’s done! As for you, MAYBE God will have mercy on your ignorant arse…but you’re going to have to Get on your knees and beg for it you ignorant swine!

  10. Brooke Byrd

    She deserves the death penalty. No one deserves to die like this. In hell she will spend eternity.

  11. Trudy

    I cant even imagen if travis was my son and some desperate whor tried to control him with kinky sex. She thought her sex would make travis her puppet. Sheneeded a penis in her butt, prentded she loved it to cover up the true monster she realy is. Once travis realized that. Shit. Shes sooooo creepy. Yuck. I say give her life on death row.

  12. Lawrence

    Jody Arias is a chilling example of women that love their men so much they can’t wait to murder them. She is a very sick woman. Her tears are irrational emotionally in relation to the crime she committed. First she lied and said intruders did it. Then she lied and said it was self defense. She should really tell the truth, that she picked a trusting vulnerable young man to date and then surprised him by killing him. Taxpayers should not waste their money on keeping psychos like Jody Arias safe behind bars. If there were less people like her with the kind of freedom her sick mind has to entertain relationships with, the world would be a happier place. Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. She killed him, she should get the death penalty since hers and others lives mean so very little to her. And it should be carried out right away.

  13. Roz

    Wow, Jodi is guilty and I know people would stand in line
    to put the needle of death in her arm. She had no remorse. By the way i would
    be one of many standing in line to put the needle in her arm. But I would have to wait for her to come out of the fog…

  14. BJ Ebs

    Leave it to Jodi, “I will not be ingored”. She continues to manipulate, today..and will. She had 5 yrs to plan this, what she would do if GUILTY. She is now playing that role as well, by law..she had to be evaluted after her interview. She knew this, planned it. Is she insane? NO! She knew exactly what she was doing and is still doing. Not one word of “Sorry”. Its all about Her, and will be as long as she gets away with her manipulating the jury, courts, family, etc. “She is a liar, and a killer…” Juan Martinez.

  15. maria

    When u send ppl on an emotional rollercoaster ride this is what can happen. Everybody say Jodi was crazy, but what was Alexander? If he didn’t want her he should’ve walked away. Jodi was an emotional wreck & Alexaner knew that, but he thought the sex was good and thought that part of Jodi is all he wanted and that’s it. U can’t have half without the whole. Horrible lesson to learn and now it’s too late. Men & women quick playing w/ppl emotions. U never know who they can become when they r under emotional stress.

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