Jodi Arias Murder Crime Scene Photos – WARNING EXTREMELY GRAPHIC!

Travis Alexander Murder Crime Scene  *  Autopsy Photos  / pictures(new) …WARNING: The following photos are Extremely graphic & may be disturbing… Proceed with caution.   Click on Photos to enlarge …  Reminder:  We will be covering the George Zimmerman Trial which begins in June!

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853 Comments for “Jodi Arias Murder Crime Scene Photos – WARNING EXTREMELY GRAPHIC!”

  1. Ginger

    Jodi needs a taste of her own medicine

  2. liz

    i wonder what her astrological chart reads ,total complete psycho ,i cant believe ,and still dont believe she did this all by herself.what a scorned womans heart will lead her to do,her jealosy ,this poor guy should have stayed far away from her the minute she showed signs of being mentally ill,thats what she is insane…..there had to have been signs.every one pay close attention to any one whom your in a relashionship with that shows signs of something isnt right,pay close attention to your gut feelings.thisb could save your life.

  3. Playbunny

    He looks just like my ex … if I had the chance I would do the same thing to t.g. she did to him. Except my ex deserves it.

  4. bella

    I would also. He is abusing my son now, and theres nothing they will do because he works at a prison, federal one !

  5. Jodi is claiming self defense, really, she dyed her hair, put gas cans in her trunk, stole her grandparents gun, does she think that any one is that stupid to believe her, she just could not handle being rejected, cuz travis was well liked by everyone and he was done with her stalking, i guess she cannot get a boyfriend the normal way, she is a pyscho, and does not deserve to live, she took a life and het live should be taken. She looks old and ugly, and deserves the death penalty, televised for the whole world to watch. But maybe she should be stabbed 27 times first, her throat slit, and then shot, and finally put to death by legal injection, just to make sure she is really dead. She is worst of the worst, die soon! Nobody wants u to live. Razz

  6. Yes she took a life and she deserves the same.

  7. Jodi is insane, and should get the death penalty, she took travis life, with no remorse whatsoever, hope his family can get their joy back by remembering the good times they had as a family with travis.

  8. joe

    I dont agree with jodi however any guy would have banged her she was pretty hot unfortunately this poor guy had no sac he should have pumped and dumped her jodi needs help its not her fault bi polar disorder is to blane get some help jodi then call me baby

  9. AAA

    “Never sleep with anyone crazier then yourself”

    Murphy’s Law

  10. Joshua

    What is going on with people these days??? Just how do these out there really think they are going to get away with something like this??? Only someone that is demean posed would do something like this…

  11. Neat

    I think Jodi should get the death pentalty because she took someone else life. She was saying to herself that if I can’t have you than no one can and thats why she killed Travis.

  12. Poor guy

    Poor guy learned the hard way that you shouldn’t be sleeping around. That type of intamicy should be practiced within the boudaries of marriage. By sleeping with her all those months and than just rejecting her so that he could hump around town like a dog he fueled the fire. What she did was wrong and stupid on her part because he was not worth that much effort. She shouldve just moved on!

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