Jodi Arias Murder Crime Scene Photos – WARNING EXTREMELY GRAPHIC!

Travis Alexander Murder Crime Scene  *  Autopsy Photos  / pictures(new) …WARNING: The following photos are Extremely graphic & may be disturbing… Proceed with caution.   Click on Photos to enlarge …  Reminder:  We will be covering the George Zimmerman Trial which begins in June!

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878 Comments for “Jodi Arias Murder Crime Scene Photos – WARNING EXTREMELY GRAPHIC!”

  1. Elissa O.

    Many have to realize that our society today is conditioned to look at horrifying images; such as in this case, and not truly understand the deprivation of the individual who inflicted this heinous action upon the victim. We can simply turn on our television and watch the crime show hits, the documentaries of crime etc. At the simple push of a button we can see how awful humans are to one another. Many of these shows portray a kind of “poetic justice” if you will, a purpose for every act. However, the reality of this act is that there is never a good reason to take a life in any manner. Yet It continues to happen every day and people on the outside try to truly know what the murderer is feeling and/or thinking, what transpired between the victim and their murderer mere seconds before, how these individuals lived or treated those around them; but we don’t know anything other than what we are shown to know. In regards to Bonnie; Perhaps Bonnie is simply another individual who is intrigued by the crime shows etc. and believes whatever story has been sold to the public. Or perhaps she is a woman scorned and simply stated what she felt at that moment. Sick or not sick, it is not our place to judge that from a small paragraph. Some forget that we are all human and have all had those moments where we feel like losing it. We stand on that edge of sanity to insanity choosing to step back into reality. It is this edge that many people jump off and never look back at. Jodi was one of those jumpers. Looking at the damage of her choice it is far too late to ever look back. NO ONE deserves any type of violence inflicted upon them. It is wrong, it is savage. Even if it is considered justifiable, we are not God.

  2. Cyndy

    I can NEVER get over the horror I feel when I look at the crime scene photos of Travis !! I pray Jodi gets what HIS FAMILY wants for her…The needle is too kind for someone so evil..She WILL get true justice when she meets her maker!! I hope she enjoys the ‘heat’ p.s. Bonnie you are one sick person!!!

  3. Shawn

    After seeing Travis cut throat, do you really feel the need to black out his penis area? Somehow seeing that is nothing compared to inside of cut throat!

  4. I hope this women gets death. This is just awful what she did to this man and the harm she continues to cause to Travis’s family. I have kept up with this trail from the start. His siblings have developed health issues over what this women did to their brother and to know that these pictures are out there for all to see doesn’t help I am sure. Yes, I saw them and wish I didn’t, but now that I have I just wanted to say what I think. They are saying is she too pretty to get death.NO !!!!! She killed Travis three times and the needle is showing her mercy. She only has to have a little prick in her arm. Travis fought like heck for his life and I know the Mr. Martinez will seek the justice that they family wants and that is death. He is good at what he does and if anybody can get death for Jodi it is Mr. Martinez.

  5. Oh my God……..this poor man was mutilated beyond comprehension. Total over-kill. Jodi needs to die for what she did, and that will be too lenient on her. What a sick, sick, evil person. And she has absolutely NO REMORSE for what she did.

  6. Judy Doolittle

    Well, I only seen the trial. Now looking at these gruesome pictures and then seeing Jodi. I think she is pure evil. Now there trying to day she has Ptsd yes right I would have it too it I stab someone to death like this. She is gonna get whats coming to her. Yes indeed.

  7. lisa armstrong

    Prayers for this family…I simply cannot imagine their pain..but admire their strength & grace shown always!

  8. cilla

    Prayers to the family members of Travis they are left to deal with the pain and loss of the herrendous actions of a pysopath. Jodi Arias is a monster and should have been put ti death immediately. It sickens my stomach to know that she is in jail getting 3 hots and a cot while Travis no lomger lives life. All the media attention this sick woman gets is even more disturbing.

    The positive side is knowing that Travis did not die in vain and because of his gruesome murder Jodi Arias will never be free to kill again.

    God be with the Alexander family forever and ever AMEN!!!

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