Jodi Arias Murder Crime Scene Photos – WARNING EXTREMELY GRAPHIC!

Travis Alexander Murder Crime Scene  *  Autopsy Photos  / pictures(new) …WARNING: The following photos are Extremely graphic & may be disturbing… Proceed with caution.   Click on Photos to enlarge …  Reminder:  We will be covering the George Zimmerman Trial which begins in June!

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867 Comments for “Jodi Arias Murder Crime Scene Photos – WARNING EXTREMELY GRAPHIC!”

  1. Bonnie

    He got what he had coming to him, he said she stock him yeah right with 80,000 texts to each other. He wanted to be a player,and have his cake and eat to. the poor little church boy. Thats what you get when you play with someones emotions.people murder every day the only reason they make Jodi look bad cause, he was sopposed to be a church boy.

  2. Lisa In Joisey


    No one deserves this! She wouldn’t let him go, and he was trying to get away. She was a crazy stalker, and SHE is where SHE deserves to be.

  3. Cindy

    Nobody deserved this. No one she is sick

  4. julie

    That Jodi woman had some serious anger issues to murder someone like that. Did u see the crime scene?? That was pretty gruesome. She IS where she belongs

  5. Jodie is nuts and needs to be put to death, but she needs to suffer the way Travis. She is not good enough to just get the needle!!!!!!! I wish I was on that Jury. I hope they give her death. Please give her death, so his family can have a little bit of closure. It won’t bring Travis back, but it will help his family know they will never have to see her ugly face again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. truth

    I know she was convicted…..but, wow. It is so very hard for me to imagine a woman of her stature to act alone in such a violent crime. Something isn’t right about this whole ordeal. I’m not sure what, exactly, & I hope like hell we find out one day, but;I just can’t buy it “as is”.

  7. Mary Ann

    Bonnie…….Omg !!!! Did you mean what you wrote?? This man did not deserve to be butchered the way he was!! And by a woman no less!! Knifing someone to death is an “in your face” kind of murder and I cannot imagine doing that to another human being!! In my opinion you are as sick as Jodi Arias is for believing he deserved that kind of attack!!!

  8. Elaine Duszynski

    Bonnie, you are a sick piece of crap!!!! Nobody deserved this. You are just as deranged as the psycho murderer. He did nothing but break off a relationship. Not one piece of evidence that he ever hit her. Perhaps if this was your brother, or husband you wouldn’t be so dumb. Smarten up!

  9. Just Some Dude

    I’m betting “Bonnie” is a member of Jodi’s family or one of her insane fans. Just as no woman “has it coming to her” in the event of domestic abuse or rape no one deserves or “has it coming to them” in the case of such a brutal murder.

  10. maira

    I hope this man is resting in paradise. Bless his soul. I feel very sorru he had to suffer from this. May his family find peace.

  11. rebecca

    I also believe that he played her and that Jodi did not act alone but he did not deserve what she or they did to him

  12. AugustWA

    If you can’t accept this case as is then you didn’t watch the whole trial, she murdered him 3x/s over and drug his wet body back to the shower, there are pictures to prove it!!! No one else but Stabby killed TA

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