Watch The Jodi Arias Trial Live Here – Jodi Takes The Stand

•Jodi Arias is accused of shooting her ex-boyfriend in the face, stabbing him 29 times and slitting his throat from ear to ear
•Catch yourself up with the key events from court this week

After the State of Arizona rested their case, Jodi Arias’ defense team took center stage this week as they presented their case to the jury for the first time. Arias claims she stabbed her ex-boyfriend, Travis Alexander, 29 times, shot him in the face, and slit his throat from ear to ear in self-defense. If convicted, she faces a possible death sentence.

Former lover defends Arias

Gus Searcy, a Prepaid Legal Executive Director, was the first defense witness called to testify Tuesday.

Searcy testified that he served as a mentor to Arias while she was looking to become more successful in the business of selling legal insurance.

During an overnight stay at his house, Searcy said Arias was crying and shaking after she talked to Alexander on the phone.

Darryl Brewer, Arias’ 52-year-old ex-boyfriend, testified Arias was never jealous or violent during their relationship, and the two remained friends when they split after four years.

In the summer of 2006, a few months after Arias joined Prepaid Legal, she “had become a different person that I’d known previously,” Brewer said.

“We stopped being intimate” after Arias adopted the Mormon faith and became more religious, Brewer testified. “She said she was saving herself for her husband.”

Brewer’s testimony also revealed that Arias stopped by his house the day before Alexander was killed and she asked if she could borrow two 5-gallon gas cans for a long road trip. Brewer said Arias never returned the cans.

During cross-examination, prosecutor Juan Martinez suggested Arias was sexually aggressive when he asked Brewer if he and Arias ever had anal sex. Brewer responded by saying they were equally aggressive and had anal sex on one occasion.

On re-direct, defense attorney Kirk Nurmi asked Brewer if he ever called Arias sexually explicit names like “whore” and “slut.” Brewer denied ever calling Arias those names.

Ex-girlfriend calls victim a cheater

Testimony from the victim’s ex-girlfriend Wednesday painted an unflattering picture of Alexander as a cheater, liar and hypocrite who pursued marriage with one woman while having sex with another.

Lisa Daidone, formerly known as Lisa Andrews, said she had an on-again-off-again relationship with Alexander for almost eight months from July 2007 to February 2008.

Daidone said Alexander was interested in marriage soon after they started dating, but they broke up when she learned Alexander cheated on her with Arias. The witness said that while she was with Alexander, they never had sex, and she was shocked to find out after his death that Alexander wasn’t a virgin.

In a dramatic moment, prosecutor Martinez, without any warning, flashed a photo of Alexander’s dead body on the court’s projector. The witness was taken aback and Alexander’s sisters began to cry. One of them stormed out of the courtroom while Arias broke down and wept.

Martinez asked Daidone if any of Alexander’s behaviors warranted him having his throat slit. The defense objected and Daidone never answered the question. Siblings Desiree and Daniel Freeman testified Wednesday that Alexander and Arias had accompanied them on two overnight trips, one to Sedona and the Grand Canyon and another to Havasupai in September 2007.

The witnesses said Alexander appeared to be different with Arias, acting more affectionate with her when they were alone and distant when they were in large groups.


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533 Comments for “Watch The Jodi Arias Trial Live Here – Jodi Takes The Stand”

  1. catherineb


    February 1, 2013 – 3:59 am
    on youtube, search for eonblue3 (user channel)- they have most, ifnot all of the coverage.
    another good user channel to try is tawnidilly or croakerqueen123 both on youtube. i dont watch the streaming, kids around. i watch on youtube after bed and avoid all info till then…

  2. ๑۩ dee ۩๑

    February 1, 2013 – 11:51 am
    No JA trial on Fridays

  3. catherineb

    No JA trial on Fridays
    guess i dont have to leave in a few minutes then!! i’m a day behind. be really behind after next week, lol

  4. Jane

    Thanks dee. Long wait till Monday. j

  5. I think sometimes that the defense thinks that is all they no how to do. Is to try to get a mistrial.

  6. Harleygirl

    I do not like the fact that the defense seems to put Travis’s religion on trial. He was a 30 old man who enjoyed sex. How many know a 30-year-old virgin man out there? I am sure there are some out there but come on we all have had sex with a partner of 2 before marriage. Jodi is the sexual deviant. She is the one hat liked the nude pictures and if he did so what. I think she wanted him to marry her and he probably told her no and she killed him out of jealousy. Does anybody remember the old high school saying guys want to date girls that put out but they want to marry a virgin. It is not nice but it happens. I am sick of the defense painting Travis to b an abusive pervert. He was a typical man who did not deserve to be brutally murdered. She is a tramp that will have sex with anybody that looks at her. She is just like kc when it comes to men and murder.

  7. ๑۩ dee ۩๑

    I wonder what the outcome was after the sheriff stated in an interview, he was going to look into the selling of JA’s artwork(?)

    Sheriff Joe Arpaio joins us today to talk about his famous inmates #JodiArias. We’ll ask him about her ebay artwork.

    “I think if the sheriff can stop the selling he will, he said he was going to look into it.”

  8. ๑۩ dee ۩๑

    February 1, 2013 – 4:19 pm
    Look at the Headlines Confused

  9. ๑۩ dee ۩๑

    They sure keep these judges busy.

    The Judge Stephens, Sherry starts with an unrelated case, CR2006-005102 2/4/2013 8:30

    and begins with JA case, CR2008-031021 2/7/2013 10:30

  10. Harleygirl

    Thank you dee,
    I still think that this is not fair. So now it is okay to put every victim’s beliefs on trial. The world is just getting sicker and sicker. It makes me sad.
    I hope they put a stop to this profit-making with her drawings. These murder trials remind me of the movie Chicago where the murderer of the moment is the headliner and gets fame and fortune for the crimes they commit. Like (Roxy Hart) in Chicago and the lawyer always gets rich! What a joke this system has become. did you know that Charles Manson makes and sells guitars from prison? Why do these murderers have any rights, their victims didn’t! OJ wrote a book and profited.

  11. kookooznest

    Darryl Brewer, ex-bf who gave Arias the gas can(s), was an interesting witness: seemingly emotionally composed & articulate. Here Arias had an older guy w/1 kid already, working at same place as she, who bought a house with her (in a very expensive State, no less), & expected her to simply pull her own weight financially. With each other for 4 yrs.
    Arias gets a boo*-job when she finds out his ex-wife got one (supposedly socialized ‘in the same circle’;) = jealousy.
    Arias suddenly “gets religion” after the boo*-job, & quits having sex with him after having done so for 4 yrs, brings over younger guys for “bible studies” in their home, then stops paying her portion of their bills.
    House goes into foreclosure.
    Arias meets Travis Alexander, drops older bf, & latches onto Travis, moving into her grandparents’ older wood frame house.
    murders Travis.

    She had it made, & threw it away….once she had her boo*-job & thought she was “all that & more.” IMO.
    Yeah, she is a crackpot alright.

  12. Sal

    ๑۩ dee ۩๑
    February 1, 2013 – 6:06 pm
    Recap: Week 5 of Jodi Arias trial
    (snipped from that link)
    Brewer’s testimony also revealed that Arias stopped by his house the day before Alexander was killed and she asked if she could borrow two 5-gallon gas cans for a long road trip. Brewer said Arias never returned the cans.
    dee, I recall that arias asked for those cans 2 or more times before she showed up at his house, by phone? email? text? I don’t know. She was persistent in asking for the use of those cans. I guess she didn’t want a paper trail connecting her with the purchase of any gas cans. So that she would not be showing premeditation in the murder of Travis.
    I don’t know if he expected her visit to pick up the gas cans or if she arrived unannounced?
    Do you or anyone else know?
    Confused: Sal

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