Casey Anthony May Become a Paralegal, Attorney Says

Casey Anthony has become so experienced with the legal system since her daughter disappeared in 2008 that she may be considering a job as a paralegal, her attorney said today.

Anthony, 26, has been unemployed for the past four years and recently filed bankruptcy. She’s almost $800,000 in debt but has less than $1,100 worth of assets, according to her bankruptcy filing. When asked what she may be interested in doing, her attorney Charles Greene said she might want to be a paralegal.

“I truly believe that she has a lot of skills,” Greene told “She’s better than many paralegals I know. She could be a paralegal or something like that right away. She is very organized, a very intelligent, very computer savvy person, so I think her skills and her desire may lie somewhere in that field.”

Greene said Anthony “believes strongly in our justice system” and constitutional rights.

“I think she may be the type that ends up trying to work within our system to make our system better rather than being a person who’s trying to break it down,” he said.

Anthony was acquitted of murdering her 2-year-old daughter in 2011, but she was convicted on four counts of providing false information to law enforcement, stemming from her initial statements to detectives. Two of the lying convictions were overturned on Friday.

But Greene said that it will be a while before she can take any kind of job, saying that life will “never be normal” for the woman who still breaks down in tears at times.

“You don’t go from the most hated woman in the world, according to some media outlets, to being a normal person or being able to live a normal life,” Greene said. “I’m not saying she’s not a normal person, but people do not perceive her as a normal person.”

Greene said that Anthony still receives threats and lives in hiding, despite the fact that both her prison time and probation have both been served.

She is the target of a number of civil lawsuits, which also prevents her from moving, Greene said.

He will not comment on Anthony’s whereabouts, but her last known location was in Florida and it is likely she is still in the area, due to her ongoing legal matters.

“We think that once the lawsuits are over she’ll be able to go where we think she is going to ultimately end up and then start about the process of getting a job,” he said. “She’s going to be 27 in March. She’s still a young person and she’s basically in a virtual prison based on her inability to move. So she would like to get a job, I can assure you, but she can’t work at McDonald’s. People would be looking at her instead of at the menu.”

The few glimpses of Anthony since her July 2011 release from jail have been a few leaked video diaries and some unconfirmed sightings and photos of her in Florida.

Greene is adamant that Anthony has a story to tell, but that telling it right now is “not even under consideration except to say no.”

“There will be no tell-all book, there is no tell-all movie,” he said. “Her ability to progress and to grow up and to even be at her normal age was thwarted by what’s happened to her in the last few years and what we believe happened to her in her earlier life, but that’s her story to tell one day.”

“The events are very private and Miss Anthony is still yet to come to terms with them and they’re still so emotional, so emotionally traumatic for her,” he said. “There’s just moments she breaks down and starts crying when she starts thinking about it. It’s nothing she’s going to talk about. She’s a very private person and she won’t let people see that side of her either. She’ll put up a tough face.”
Anthony’s bankruptcy filing includes 15 pages of people who have made claims, including legal consultants, media consultants, authorities, the IRS and Anthony’s parents. The most sizeable claim is from Anthony’s former defense attorney Jose Baez who is says she owes him $500,000.

The filing details Anthony’s personal property, which includes some 10-year-old furniture at her family home, a laptop, some clothing, a pearl necklace, family photos, books, a sapphire and opal ring, two digital cameras and a bike. The total value of the items is just over $1,000.

Greene said that bankruptcy offers Anthony a fresh start and the ability to start with a clean slate, debt-free.

“She is the perfect candidate because she has more bills than she can pay and they continue to increase and she can’t go on and start any sort of road to normality until she puts all this behind her,” he said.

Greene said he receives letters weekly from people trying capitalize on Anthony and hopes that the filing will deter people by showing “there’s not money to be had.


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85 Comments for “Casey Anthony May Become a Paralegal, Attorney Says”

  1. Melissa

    How could someone with 6 felonies (for check fraud, theft, forgery, etc.) get a paralegal job?

  2. Jelly

    I think notmom’s attorneys are sick of her and this is a scam on the scammer. The attorneys must know that notmom is incapable of telling the truth, something notmom must do under oath through the BK hearing. Her attorneys will be standing along side of her, hands behind their backs, fingers crossed with prayers for her lies! Fraud is the least of her sins, but any justice for Caylee will do. RIP Caylee. MHO

  3. dead squirrels walking

    Sometimes I stay away from TCD, only because crazsey is toxic and just thinking about her makes me ill.

  4. Sal

    January 31, 2013 – 4:07 pm
    I always wondered how swampie planned to explain where Caylee was to Tony and everyone else. Eventually someone, other than her parents, would want to know why Caylee was staying with the nanny for so long a time. As in forever???
    Rolls Eyes Sal

  5. ♥♪ shoozeyque♪♥

    Hi all! I’ve been off into the wild blue yonder lately so I thought I’d poke my head in here and say OMG!

    Does this chick even have her GED? Nowadays, to be a paralegal they want you to have your degree.

    I was once a paralegal, a legal secretary before that and got my Assoc. degree in paralegal studies by going to night school at the local college. It took me four years to do it but I was working a full time job in a law office, raising three teenagers and maintaining and managing a home with my husband. I worked for lawyers for 38 years.

    Eight years ago, I three that career away and went into civil service in higher education for better benefits that I didn’t have in the private sector.

    Does mademoiselle think she’s going to jump from being a felon to a respectable paralegal. She cannot possibly be serious.

    She’s still a six-time felon on the check charges, and being they threw out 2 out of the four of charges of lying to police recently, she has an additional two more felonies on top of the check charges. That stays with you for life I believe.

    And to:

    dead squirrels walking
    January 31, 2013 – 8:18 pm
    Sometimes I stay away from TCD, only because crazsey is toxic and just thinking about her makes me ill.

    I hear your pain. On top of that, we have another moron out there just like her, that Jodi person. Oh my goodness, if those two aren’t just two peas in a pod! LOL

  6. Suzanna

    dead squirrels walking
    January 31, 2013 – 8:18 pm

    Sometimes I stay away from TCD, only because crazsey is toxic and just thinking about her makes me ill.

    I feel exactly the same way and stay away from here for the very same reason. But then again, something lures me back and it is definitely not CMA! It is all the wonderful people I have seen here that do not give up on the hope that there will someday be genuine justice for precious Caylee! And there will be!

  7. Suzanna

    Oops! I forgot to separate dead squirrels walking post from mine! I am so sorry!

  8. Suzanna

    Shoozeyque: You are SO right about Jodi and Casey being two peas in a pod!
    It is amazing how many similarities there are between both Sociopaths and Murderesses! Makes one sick!

  9. Suzanna

    And we can add another babykiller in that pod with Baby Gabriel’s egg donor!
    Same types- all three. We must always be on guard for “people” like them.

  10. char

    Kinda off this subject but I saw Atty. Mason saying that casey will never have a relationship with her parents again. Are you kidding me!!!! She already has!!!
    Mason is as big a liar as casey maybe that is why they get along so well. That has to make cindy & george mad as they are the ones supporting her. Sounds like she is still at old game of playing pitty me and I’m sure she is teling cindy that she didn’t say or feel that way so she can keep the $$$$ coming her way. And I’m sure cindy is still believing her!!!!

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