Rumors Swirling: Is Casey Anthony in Brevard?

FROM FLORIDA TODAY: It’s on Twitter and Facebook. It’s the talk of bars, banks and housing communities. But the latest rumor remains just that, and has left Brevard residents wondering: Has Casey Anthony come to Cape Canaveral?

The rumors seem to have sprung up as early as Nov. 23, prompting long comment strings on Facebook debating Anthony’s trial verdict and alongside seemingly distraught comments including, “I don’t think she’ll last a week,” and “Hide yo kids!!!!”

Anthony was arrested in 2008 and charged in the death of her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee. She was acquitted of murder in summer 2011 after a trial in Orlando and verdict that drew intense media attention.

According to media reports in September, Anthony had moved out of state. Charles Greene, Anthony’s civil attorney, said he couldn’t confirm whether Anthony was living in Cape Canaveral, saying it was “privileged” information with is client.

The chatter that she moved to Cape Canaveral seems to center on her living at Ocean Woods condominiums, where residents said they’ve heard the same thing but hadn’t seen the near-celebrity.

One woman said: “I hope it’s not true, because it’d be a circus up here.”

Another resident said he’d heard that Anthony moved to Cape Canaveral because it was close to The Green Room Café in Cocoa Beach, one of two Central Florida shops that sells an organic beer Anthony allegedly likes.

Green Room owner Debbie Wright said one customer reported an Anthony sighting weeks ago, but stressed that it was only one report and that Wright wasn’t there at the time. As for the rumor Anthony is coming in for organic beer?

“She’s not drinking much if that’s true,” Wright said with a laugh.


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118 Comments for “Rumors Swirling: Is Casey Anthony in Brevard?”

  1. Moo (GA)

    Good morning, All!

    December 4, 2012 – 8:17 pm
    Nobody wants her She is toxic to anybody she comes in contact with.
    You are so right about that. The entire gang (family and attorneys) was convinced Skank was a goner, either LWOP or DP. They NEVER fathomed she would be found NG, and they never imagined bank rolling her when she was out of jail. They all banked on selling THEIR stories knowing Skank could not profit from her “stories.” Now their imagined goose that laid the golden egg is not producing any gold and I’m loving it. May they all be blessed with supporting Skank for the rest of their lives. Like the proverb says, be careful what you ask for because you just might get it!!!

  2. Sal

    December 5, 2012 – 9:27 am
    Dear Dinosaur, you have a mind like a steel trap. When you mention these things in you post, I do recall them, but not until I read your comments. LOL
    I laughed when I recalled that the hag wanted gma to cook her a special breakfast. Gma Shirley was cooking for the visiting group and had already made everyone’s breakfast. Can you imagine the nerve of sinny walking out because her old Mother said no??? If she wanted to spoil her brat sinny should have pampered her spawn and fixed her something herself. I am sure Shirley wouldn’t have minded sinny doing all the cooking for the guests either.
    It doesn’t sound like Shirley was a bad mother, but I sure don’t know what happened to sinny for her to expect that she was anything special. Maybe peer pressure as she was growing up led her to be a liar and then she taught kc that it was OK to lie as long as kc was covering up some mistake or error in judgement or meanness that kc would have committed. I still want to hear from the children in her neighborhood and school as to how this evil person, kc scamthony, evolved. What was she like at 5 years old? 7 years old, 10 years old, etc. I believe she was a monster in Junior High and High school. Like the movie “Mean Girls”?
    On a happier note, it is time for me to finish the Christmas cards.
    Love you, Dinosaur, Grin Sal ♥

  3. Flamom

    I thought I left a comment but I don’t see it-

    Thick green garland with red bows around the garage door of death, the side door and the house windows and lights on stakes (I think they were xmas trees) along the sidewalk leading to the front door (which GA claimed they don’t use).

    I certainly wouldn’t be decorating the garage considering all that went on there-
    -airing out the car,
    – tampering with the clothes, doll, and trunk interior
    -CA backing into the garage and moving the ‘shell’ around the backyard figuring where to stash it
    -the gas can incident when she almost got caught
    -taking a laundry basket to carry the ‘shell’

    I don’t think I could walk thru it (yet they do-the garage was open one day), much less decorate it.

    Sick twisted people.

  4. Flamom you forgot the drywall LE removed with grave wax.

  5. It’s very simple George went to work Casey searched the web, X’d Caylee. Bagged her up then laid her in the back yard borrowed shovel changed her mind about digging a hole and threw her in the trunk for days then threw her shell in the swamp.

  6. Moo (GA)

    Gosh, wouldn’t you just be sick if you had worked hard and spent your hard earned money purchasing a house in that neighborhood? I know the neighbors hate them because I drove by the Hopespring house before the trial. A neighbor was outside and I spoke briefly with him. Believe me, there is no love loss for the Anthonys on that street. My heart does go out to the neighbors. You can tell it was a neighborhood with a lot of blood, sweat and tears put into maintaining the yards and houses. Sad, sad!

  7. Good writing Moo. I totally agree with you

  8. Harleygirl

    I did not know about the drywall with the grave wax. I do not even remember hearing about that in the trial. I do remember that they got rid of the washer after cindy washed the killer’s clothes probably soiled with Caylee’s body fluids when kc lifted her out of the trunk and threw her in the swamp. Gosh I passed out when my father died and I leaned over his casket and kissed him goodbye. It was the first time I had ever touch a deceased person and I was not prepared. Actually, when my mom died 4 months later I had the same reaction when I kissed her goodbye. It baffles me to think somebody could take a life and do such horrible things to the body and then to imagine Caylee’s sweet little face as she was struggling for air is just horrifying to me. I am sorry folks even know I do not know kc I could never forgive somebody that takes a life like that. I really wanted her to spend her life in prison and throw her to the wolves in the prison.

  9. Sal

    Harleygirl, I did not know about the grave wax or the washing machine being discarded.

    I am sorry about your parents dying so close in time to one another. It makes it so much more difficult to handle.

    My Grandfather died 3 weeks after my Mother. He never knew she had passed as the relatives thought they shouldn’t upset him. He was 86 and in a care home, my Mother was 59. I want my mommy! LOL Sal

  10. Harleygirl

    Hello Sal,
    I understand how you feel about your mommy. I feel that the only people who truly loved me in my life were my mom and dad. That being said my parents did not indulge the type of behavior that kc and lee have gotten away with. lee never worked either and he lived off his parents if he was not living with a girlfriend. cindy and george did a good job of training kc and lee that lying was ok. cindy and george think that they are bette than everybody else. I spotted the bravado of cindy and george puffing up his chest during all the interviews they gave and even during the trial. These people are despicable and will do anything to make a buck as will kc and lee. It is just a shame Caylee had to pay for it. They do not even realize how trashy they are and rememer you can not fix stupid!

  11. shane

    I live in ocean woods. I have herd the rumors that she’s here but have yet seen her. I talked to our security guard and he said it was true and her father offered them money to keep a close eye on her residence. It would be a good place to hide out because you can’t get into ocean woods without a clicker to open the gate. I also have herd she walks her dog at night wearing different wigs so she wouldn’t be noticed.

  12. steve

    It is true, a friend of mine lives in Ocean Woods, and she lives next door to him.

  13. Mary murphy

    Help us in ocean woods… What is the address?

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