Guess who is back in the news??? Casey Of course…


Stay tuned for some inside scoop on what Casey Anthony has been up to, and what will be landing her back in the slammer soon. Yes, the Feds have been notified and I will address that as well. Coming tomorrow…

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  1. Dinosaur

    Maybe this is why Baez went into business with Atty Manto,one area of practice,tax evasion,maybe he’s going to help the felon queen with her little IRS problem.

  2. kookooznest

    Joni -
    re: JVM show tonight.
    Is she serious ? I’m not @ my TV @ the moment, so is she referring to that skull/feet/hands found on the trail near the Hollywood sign ? There was a headless body found in the Tucson area of AZ, I believe, & it was thought to be related & authorities were still checking. Is JVM just sensationalizing & being hysterical, or has there been a real break in the case, do you know ?

  3. Inky

    Happy Birthday miss Peggy. Hope you are having a good one. :)

  4. kookooznest

    Joni -
    Cancel my other post! Read the story JVM’s referring to on ‘’. I don’t know about the ‘serial killer’ aspect, coz from what I observed, the gay community particularly in L.A., tends to shift partners, & travel in search of partners, frequently, making them vulnerable to nefariousness. “jmho” of course.

  5. HI Jessica TX from your next door neighbor in La.,It is amazing to me that these people believe that a girl with the personality of Casey would sit in jail for 3 years is insane.If she was some meek little person I may listen but with Casey she would shot him in a second rather than sitting in jail ..why b/c she would know her mom would defend her for what ever she did and if it was George she would probably go buy the gun for her..

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