Dr. G: Inside the Caylee Anthony Case Show – Update

Dr. G: Inside the Caylee Anthony Case

FROM THE TLC CHANNEL REVIEW:    The entire nation was captivated by the tragic death of two-year-old Caylee Anthony and the ensuing murder trial of her mother Casey. Now, for the first time, viewers hear from renowned Chief Medical Examiner, Dr. Jan Garavaglia, who performed the delicate autopsy. In a riveting one-hour special, DR. G: INSIDE THE CAYLEE ANTHONY CASE, viewers gain insight as Dr. G and her team of experts, along with other key players, explain the complicated forensics of the case, the trial and controversial verdict.


Dr. G rips criticism that Caylee’s autopsy was shoddy

BY HAL BOEDEKER, THE TV GUY, ORLANDO SENTINEL:      In a TLC special tonight, Dr. Jan Garavaglia blasted the defense’s criticism of her work in the Casey Anthony case.

Garavaglia, the chief medical examiner for Orange and Osceola counties, ripped Dr. Werner Spitz’s complaint that she had conducted a “shoddy” autopsy on toddler Caylee Anthony.

The special, “Dr. G: Inside the Caylee Anthony Case,” noted that the child’s skull fell apart when defense expert Spitz opened it.

“He broke it. He caused a fracture and it fell it apart, and then he has the nerve to call my work shoddy?” Garavaglia asked incredulously.

“There was no reason to open that skull,” Garavaglia said. “We could clearly see in the skull.”

Casey Anthony was acquitted of murder in her daughter’s death. Garavaglia said that she doesn’t deal with guilt or innocence in her work, yet she seemed incredulous at the outcome.

“I don’t understand people who think Elvis is still alive. I don’t understand people who think we never landed on the moon,” Garavaglia said. “I don’t get those people. So I don’t get these people either,” she said of the jury.

The special offered the star of “Dr. G: Medical Examiner” a chance to answer her critics. She was forceful and energetic in her remarks. The program also featured former prosecutor Jeff Ashton, who has announced that he is running for state attorney; attorney Bill Sheaffer, an analyst for WFTV-Channel 9; and Amy Pavuk, a reporter for the Orlando Sentinel. The Anthony defense team was represented in clips, because this was, after all, Dr. G’s forum.

Sheaffer said the defense was not able to shake Garavaglia on the point that the child’s death was a homicide.

“I can tell you it was a homicide,” Garavaglia said as the program ended.

In her work, Garavaglia said she focuses on facts, and she reiterated that the manner of Caylee’s death was homicide because of circumstances. She based that opinion on “everything — the body, the scene, the history.”

She highlighted that Caylee  was thrown in a plastic bag and hidden. Garavaglia reminded viewers that Casey Anthony didn’t report the child was missing, then said Caylee was kidnapped and later revised the story to say the child drowned.

“There is no reason for a 2-year-old child to decompose in a field in a plastic bag with duct tape over its face,” Garavaglia said.

Garavaglia said she doesn’t speak for the state, police, lawyers or defendants. “I speak to try to find the truth,” she said.

During the trial, defense attorney Jose Baez complained that Garavaglia’s conclusions were not science. 

“The conclusions were scientifically defensible,” Garavaglia responded to Baez in the special. “That is not a principle that I make up. It’s not because this was a high-profile case that I wanted to do a thorough job. This was a 2-year-old little girl that was found in the woods.”

What did you think of the program?


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195 Comments for “Dr. G: Inside the Caylee Anthony Case Show – Update”

  1. bluealexis

    January 3, 2012 – 4:45 pm

    I think you are right, thank you! ;)

  2. Jane H (Ark)

    My opinion so I hope I don’t get bashed, but I feel Jeff wrote the book to set the record straight. Just as Dr. G did the tv show to explain her point of view and what really happened. I read Jeff’s book, and some things were explained from the prosecution view that had not been revealed. Wasn’t Jeff going to donate some of his money? I don’t think Jeff wrote the book to make money per se. He spent 3 years of his life getting justice for Caylee and I don’t begrudge him for writing the book.

  3. Joan

    I agree with you Jane H…I think JA did want to set the record straight. In my opinion, his timing on releasing the book is to raise campaign funds. If he can use this money to right much of the wrong we see going on in FL, isn’t that a win for Caylee?? That’s my opinion, for what it’s worth.

  4. ♫ Joni ♫ (OR)

    Hi Buds.

    Can someone help me and tell me when the re-runs of the Dr. G. show will be? I wasn’t on that day and MISSED THE ORIGINAL broadcast.


    The 7th?

    Can anyone help me please? I know it’s TLC.

    I Didn’t Know What Time It Is ♪

  5. Trial

    Comparing J Ashton funds for running for State Attorney and the Ants collecting money for a fraud charity?? That doesn’t even make sense. It takes funds to run any politcal campaign.

    Jeff has not only stood up for little Caylee. but if you look at his record as an attorney, you will see he has stood up for many, many victims and has a better record for winning those cases than the current State Attorney. He wants to be in a position where he can help more. What a great man he is seeing anyone bash him, just makes me want to brag about him more.

    The Ants collected money from Dr Phil so Cindy could stand up for her murdering, lying thieving daughter.

  6. ♫ Joni ♫ (OR)

    Jane I wonder if Jeff wrote the book so he wouldn’t get a stroke? It must have been SOOOOOOOOOO frustrating dealing with a clown in a court room.

    And why wasn’t he stopped? And why hasn’t he been punished for so many thing he has done?
    So many mysteries.

    This is surely a case of ~~~
    W H Y S ??? Never any answers, just W H Y S ???

  7. Jane H (Ark)

    Joni–Don’t know when the repeat of Dr. G’s TLC show will be on–BUT Dr. G and Jeff will be on Dr. Drew tonight.

  8. Amy-B'ham

    Earlier today I looked on the TLC channel and the Dr G show will air again Friday on the Discovery Health Channel at 10 ET

  9. Jane H (Ark)

    The reason Jeff has been discussed so much lately is that he’s been in the news. The newest news of course is Dr. G’s show on TLC. And tonight she will be on Dr. Drew which I will watch for sure. She hopefully will add more info. I’ve liked her for years, watched her Medical Examiner show. She is from St. Louis–went to St. Louis University for college and medical school. My son interviewed at that school too.

  10. ♥Laurie♥

    ♫ Joni ♫ (OR)
    January 3, 2012 – 5:17 pm
    Hi Buds.

    Can someone help me and tell me when the re-runs of the Dr. G. show will be? I wasn’t on that day and MISSED THE ORIGINAL broadcast.


    The 7th?

    Can anyone help me please? I know it’s TLC.

    I Didn’t Know What Time It Is ♪

    Friday Jan. 5th on Discovery Fit & Health

    Happy New Year Joni!!!

  11. ♫ Joni ♫ (OR)

    Jame THANKS so much! ♥ Maybe that’s what people were talking about. I often look at Dr. Drew. I will tonight!!

    Because my husband is getting worse with his dementia and other problems, i am in and out of here… and don’t catch everything.

    Good buds will always help me here!! WHAT A GROUP!! THANKS so much!!!

    You Gotta Have Heart ♪

  12. lynna01

    January 3, 2012 – 5:34 pm

    Is there a full moon tonight???? Seriously, I guess JA is a touchy subject! Yikes!

    Everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion, but in a thread specific to the Dr. G special, responding to practically every post (now deleted, and rightly so) with a negative statement about Jeff Ashton just seems spiteful.
    Also, if I recall correctly, it’s a half-moon. (With an awesome meteor shower tonight!)

    I DVRed the Dr. G show, but haven’t had a chance to watch it yet–my life is filled with small children who rarely allow me time to focus or concentrate for any amount of time. I’m thrilled that she got the chance to rebut Team Bozo, and can’t wait to actually sit down and pay attention to it. As I said in an earlier (now deleted) post, there have only been a handful of people throughout this farce who have seemed truly dedicated to justice for Caylee; police, prosecution, and Dr. G.
    Not a single family member, though.

  13. Harleygirl

    I was reading some comments made by dl and I have to say when reminded about the antics in the courtroom by the dt why was that allowed? I was wrong about my first impression of Judge Perry in regards to thinking that he was not going to allow any nonsense in the court room. I started to feel uncomfortable with Judge Perry during jury selection and then allowing the dt to be seated directly across from the jury. The jury was basically entertained by the dt throughout the whole trial. I will not even begin to express my opinion on the Anthony family. Thank you.

  14. ♫ Joni ♫ (OR)

    Laurie – thanks. ♥

    Is Jan. 5 a Thursday? (I can check it out both days.) 10 EST? I would be 7PM then, out west here.

    I knew I was losing it!! My husband’s dementia is affecting ME~! Now if that was ALL he had ….

    ‘nite good buds. Have a peaceful, productive, happy evening!

  15. ♫ Joni ♫ (OR)

    Laurie, Happy New Year to you too!!! All the BEST!!! ♥

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