Zimmerman wine-bottle incident won’t lead to  »


For the second time in just over a year, prosecutors have backed away from filing criminal charges against George Zimmerman in a domestic-violence case because a woman, initially upset and angry, has changed her story. This time, the allegation was that Zimmerman had thrown a…

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Jodi Arias Trial Updates — Procecution Tries To Unravel Arias Trial Testimony »


  PHOENIX — Through November, December and most of January, the defense team in the Jodi Arias sentencing retrial wove a tawdry portrait of the man Arias killed.   This week, in Maricopa County Superior Court, prosecutor Juan Martinez went to work trying to unravel it.…

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FROM ABC NEWS (JANUARY 23, 2014———-Police released surveillance video of a brazen ATM robbery and kidnapping in Arlington, Texas, in hopes of identifying the suspect. The video shows the victim pulling up to a drive-in ATM at a Wells Fargo bank early in the morning…

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Casey Anthony Sightings & Latest News »


 Casey Anthony Adopts 3-Year-Old Girl From Florida Foster Care CenterRLANDO ORLANDO, Florida –  Public court records reveal that Casey Anthony has adopted a 3-year-old girl…

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Jodi Arias Murder Crime Scene Photos – WARNING EXTREMELY GRAPHIC! »


Travis Alexander Murder Crime Scene  *  Autopsy Photos  / pictures(new) …WARNING: The following photos are Extremely graphic & may be disturbing… Proceed with caution.   Click…

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WARNING Graphic – Autopsy Picture of Caylee Anthony Untouched (Forensic Evidence) »


WARNING DO NOT PROCEED IF YOU DO NOT ”WANT” TO VIEW CAYLEE ANTHONY’S AUTOPSY PICTURE!! —-I’ve had numerous requests to ”email” the autopsy skeletal remains picture of…

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Trayvon Martin Autopsy Report »


   VIEW AUTOPSY, PHOTOS OF CRIME GRAPHIC SCENE  HERE :   http://www.cayleedaily.com/2013/06/trayvon-martin-crime-scene-photos-warning-graphic/ - – – View Trayvon Martin’s autopsy report BELOW here:   Trayvon Martin autopsy…

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